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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : GPU in non-continuous operation. (Message 74810)
Posted 16 Dec 2022 by EDU Enthusiasts of Digital Universe
no one from MilkyWay seems to be interested in contacting them for help or is waaay too busy as the Admins here are grad students with ALOT of stuff on their plate.

Not very constructive i know but I think its just not that important for them. It works for whatever they are doing.

If admins/devs actually read some of this, consider following:
- whatever optimizations you had made on the server side are already out-of-date,
- newer version will be faster, and more conservative with resources
- help is there for those who ask. (but you have to ask.)
- always make a backup before you do anything. (disk clone / disk img / db dump / executable etc whatever works for you)
- since value is static of 300 tasks, it should be easy finding where its specified in code. (but making tasks longer/bigger would stop-gap fix it without modifying any server side scheduler code)
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : GPU in non-continuous operation. (Message 74800)
Posted 15 Dec 2022 by EDU Enthusiasts of Digital Universe
Why wouldn't milkyway admins do any changes? Its for them in first place - and more power to them.
Proper fix would be to make scheduler give you new tasks when you report finished work...
(I'm quite sure other projects would help milky owners if they asked - if they don't know how.)

Another point of benefit is to consolidate their size... the tasks are too small. I think making a single task from 4 or 6 of them would make sense (while still being viable on older gpu's). Such a granularity not only affects performance of the client negatively but server/s are likely stressed more due to it too.

All kinds of 'hacks' on user level are bothersome...
3) Message boards : Number crunching : New Benchmark Thread - times wanted for any hardware, CPU or GPU, old or new! (Message 74796)
Posted 14 Dec 2022 by EDU Enthusiasts of Digital Universe
Radeon Pro VII (fp64 6.5TFlop)

(no optimization - stock)
4x concurrent separation tasks take 27-35sec
1x separation task takes 10-15sec
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Need Moar Tasks (Message 74795)
Posted 14 Dec 2022 by EDU Enthusiasts of Digital Universe
As stated, i found myself without tasks every 25-40min for decent 10min before i'm given another pool of 300 tasks;
Scheduler reports finished tasks every 91 sec, but gets 0 new tasks.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : Wondering about getting an nVidia Tesla K80 for MilkyWay. (Message 70311)
Posted 4 Jan 2021 by EDU Enthusiasts of Digital Universe
you will need to find proper cooling for it - since its passive for pull-push config. (or some fan mount or something special.)
Now thats out the way, fp64 k80 is 20x faster than 1060, and 4x as fast as Titan V. I say go ahead and try - but note it may not work, as card is missing all kinds of codecs and video encoders. I assume someone from milky staff should state..
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit drop since starting of the new batch of WU (Message 55957)
Posted 25 Oct 2012 by EDU Enthusiasts of Digital Universe
on my 2x 6970 (1wu / gpu) i'm getting
329581069 259455156 25 Oct 2012 | 22:58:40 UTC 25 Oct 2012 | 23:03:20 UTC Completed and validated 40.01 2.14 106.99 MilkyWay@Home v1.02 (opencl_amd_ati)

106 credits...

i've used to get it like this...
51.03 2.46 159.86 MilkyWay@Home v1.02 (opencl_amd_ati)

dramatic credit loss... as i've looked through the tasks i seem to get those for 159 rarely like 1/600 tasks.

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