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Posted 21 Sep 2016 by colonywest
Colonywest, i guess it is the Nvidia driver, since it gave me the most trouble on linux. But i don't have much experience there. Maybe some permissions are missing to fully utilize the Nvidia driver. If you find a solution, please tell me. I never got the latest version of Boinc working properly on a Linux system. And the Nvidia driver always made things worse for me.

It must be. I've had Windows 10 running on the system now and haven't had any issues so far. It'll pull and run the MilkyWay jobs without any issue. But it's weird that the Linux BOINC client will fault out nearly instantly. But unless there's a way to get BOINC working with Nouveau, the NVIDIA driver is all that can be used for GeForce cards and Linux for projects like BOINC and Folding@Home.

Or the problem could've been that I was running it headless without X installed. I'll troubleshoot it more later. For now it's running, and for now that's all that matters with regard to this, at least for me.
2) Message boards : News : GPU Issues Mega Thread (Message 65177)
Posted 19 Sep 2016 by colonywest
None of the GPU tasks are running for me. They all abort with "computation error" within a few seconds.


CPU: AMD FX-8320E (not overclocked) with 16GB RAM
OS: Fedora 24 64-bit (latest updates)
BOINC client: 7.6.22
GPUs: 2xGTX 680, 2xGTX 660 - no SLI on anything
NVIDIA driver: 367.44

This setup has worked previously with an older kernel and older NVIDIA driver.

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