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Posted 18 Feb 2011 by ProfileCrazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]

Come be a part of a great team. We are here and ready to help you get the most out of your systems. Come visit one of the most active boards out there. I'm sure you will find a place you will enjoy!

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Posted 7 May 2009 by ProfileCrazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
Hi Blurf! Congrats on the new Mod Job! Now tell them to make more work! :) JK
3) Message boards : Number crunching : WU Credits (Message 4987)
Posted 22 Aug 2008 by ProfileCrazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
Wow, I hadn't been to the homepage here in a while. I find this note to be offensive and a blatant accusation to a member of my team. If this is the way things are to be handled here, I will be moving my machines!

August 19, 2008 Validator and Awarded Credit Change
We've made a change to our validator which basically puts a speed limit to the amount of credit any given host can be awarded (per cpu). While this shouldn't effect the vast majority of our users (as the speed limit is quite high), it should protect the project from users who would like to cheat the project to get excessive credit.
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Posted 21 Aug 2008 by ProfileCrazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
I see it like this. A farmer hires some people to pick corn by hand and tells them he'll pay so much a bushel. After a while a guy comes in with a real sharp knife and starts to cut corn faster than the rest. The other workers don't think it's fair and demand sharp knifes also. The farmer can go get knifes or force the guy with the knife to pick while on his knees. Or he can tell the other workers to get their own knifes if they want to pick faster. Now at this point the guy with the knife is happy. Now another guy comes in with a big machine that picks 20 times as much corn as the rest of them. The farmer is happy his corn is going to market. The other workers aren't so happy although, they are still being paid the same as they were in the beggining. So either the workers made a mistake taking the job since apparently they weren't going to make enough to feed their families in the first place or they are just jealous of the man who has the faster machine. If the latter is true, then they should probably just go back to work and be glad they have a job.
5) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Team Recruitment thread - CLOSED (Message 3665)
Posted 6 Jun 2008 by ProfileCrazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
Hi fellow crunchers

On March 24, 2005 Team SETI.USA was created to consolidate United States users and become the #1 SETI Team in the world. This goal was achieved within 24 months of inception thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our dedicated membership. To parlay that effort, and for the benefit of all BOINC distributed computing projects, Team SETI.USA's commitment to extend beyond a single project has begun. SETI.USA is now BOINCing the world! As of September 19, 2007 we reached our second goal of becoming the #1 team in overall BOINC!!! We are now working on taking #1 in other BOINC projects. We recently obtained a #1 ranking in Proteins@home (Stats Page). Join with us as we boldly go where no team has gone before!

We are a very active and fun loving team and offer the following to our members:
Message Board
Team Chat!!(Regular Monday night chat session, but always available.)
Team Store
Quarterly Intra Team Races
Project of the Month
Weekly Trivia Contest
Team Graphics (Requests taken as well)
And much, much more....

Come Join in the fun as we strive to reach new goals. Everyone welcome.

If you are already a member of our great team and have not yet visited the message forums, please come on over and introduce yourself. We would love to see you there!! If you have an interest in crunching other projects check out our project of the month or our current push for #1!!

Visit our mini city!

Together we will accomplish something amazing!

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