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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Numeerous errors on xps 720 with GTX560Ti video card (Message 53842)
Posted 29 Mar 2012 by ProfileFrancis E. Butts
Name ps_separation_15_2s_real_1_2864120_0
Workunit 123454800
Created 29 Mar 2012 | 8:47:31 UTC
Sent 29 Mar 2012 | 8:50:16 UTC
Received 29 Mar 2012 | 13:17:41 UTC
Server state Over
Outcome Computation error
Client state Compute error
Exit status 1 (0x1) Unknown error number
Computer ID 289595
Report deadline 10 Apr 2012 | 8:50:16 UTC
Run time 2.07
CPU time 0.05
Validate state Invalid
Credit 0.00
Application version MilkyWay@Home v1.02 (opencl_nvidia)
Stderr output

Incorrect function. (0x1) - exit code 1 (0x1)
<search_application> milkyway_separation 1.02 Windows x86_64 double OpenCL </search_application>
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: max_gfx_cpu_pct
Skipping: 80
Skipping: /max_gfx_cpu_pct
Unrecognized XML in project preferences: allow_non_preferred_apps
Skipping: 1
Skipping: /allow_non_preferred_apps
Guessing preferred OpenCL vendor 'NVIDIA Corporation'
Error loading Lua script 'astronomy_parameters.txt': [string "number_parameters: 4..."]:1: '<name>' expected near '4'
Error reading astronomy parameters from file 'astronomy_parameters.txt'
Trying old parameters file
Using SSE3 path
Error getting number of platform (-1001): CL_PLATFORM_NOT_FOUND_KHR
Failed to get information about device
Error getting device and context (1): MW_CL_ERROR
Failed to calculate likelihood
<background_integral> 1.#QNAN0000000000 </background_integral>
<stream_integral> 1.#QNAN0000000000 1.#QNAN0000000000 </stream_integral>
<background_likelihood> 1.#QNAN0000000000 </background_likelihood>
<stream_only_likelihood> 1.#QNAN0000000000 1.#QNAN0000000000 </stream_only_likelihood>
<search_likelihood> 1.#QNAN0000000000 </search_likelihood>
03:50:02 (6828): called boinc_finish

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Deleted Accounts (Message 19409)
Posted 18 Apr 2009 by ProfileFrancis E. Butts
Thank you for restoring my account

Francis Butts
3) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : New Server (Message 3752)
Posted 12 Jun 2008 by ProfileFrancis E. Butts
I'm seeing a lot of computation errors between w/u's that actually complete normaly. These may be some"

6/12/2008 4:31:50 PM|Milkyway@home|Computation for task gs_600_1213379067_20878_0 finished
6/12/2008 4:31:50 PM|Milkyway@home|Output file gs_600_1213379067_20878_0_0 for task gs_600_1213379067_20878_0 absent
6/12/2008 4:31:50 PM|Milkyway@home|Starting gs_600_1213379067_20879_0
6/12/2008 4:31:50 PM|Milkyway@home|Starting task gs_600_1213379067_20879_0 using astronomy version 122
6/12/2008 4:31:51 PM|Milkyway@home|Computation for task gs_600_1213379067_20879_0 finished
6/12/2008 4:31:51 PM|Milkyway@home|Output file gs_600_1213379067_20879_0_0 for task gs_600_1213379067_20879_0 absent
6/12/2008 4:31:51 PM|Milkyway@home|Starting gs_600_1213379067_20880_0
6/12/2008 4:31:51 PM|Milkyway@home|Starting task gs_600_1213379067_20880_0 using astronomy version 122
6/12/2008 4:31:52 PM|Milkyway@home|Finished upload of gs_600_1213379067_20876_0_0
6/12/2008 4:31:52 PM|Milkyway@home|Computation for task gs_600_1213379067_20880_0 finished
6/12/2008 4:31:52 PM|Milkyway@home|Output file gs_600_1213379067_20880_0_0 for task gs_600_1213379067_20880_0 absent
6/12/2008 4:31:52 PM|Milkyway@home|Starting gs_600_1213379067_20881_0
6/12/2008 4:31:52 PM|Milkyway@home|Starting task gs_600_1213379067_20881_0 using astronomy version 122
4) Message boards : Number crunching : CPID Issue (Message 3265)
Posted 20 Apr 2008 by ProfileFrancis E. Butts

I'm having a problem with the CPID that is currently showing on my account at Milkyway; cpid ending in ".....6blC".
For some reason this cpid refuses to migrate into the correct "CPID" at Boincstats; 3617b699c88dc109cfad443c0168912a.
Is there anyway the erroneous CPID can be "over-ridden" or corrected at your project. I would really like to get back on-line with "Milkyway" as I have to suspend the project while trying to resolve the "split CPID" issue at Boincstats.

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