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1) Message boards : News : scheduler update (Message 43649)
Posted 9 Nov 2010 by Bofferbrauer
IT'S WORKING AGAIN! I had to Reset Project to get it going. It's good to see that MW is working again; however, 27 hour work units with less than 8 days to completion forces Boinc into high priority processing dedicated to MW. Can't the WU's be broken down into smaller units of time?

Are these N-body workunits? The N-body is hard to predict the actual runtime. Over the range of parameters being fit, there is a huge potential for variation. If the estimate isn't high enough, BOINC kills them off prematurely. I've sort of been working on a better, and we've been talking about maybe doing partial N-body simulations in a single workunits (which will be necessary if more bodies are required) although that would make everything more complicated.

My last N-body announced 44h of work... finally it was done in less than 2h. I understand that that the actual runtime may be hard to prdict, but such a difference look laughable
2) Message boards : News : scheduler update (Message 43578)
Posted 7 Nov 2010 by Bofferbrauer
Working fine on my computer, the only issue is the expected runtime being around three times higher as the resulting runtime(told me taking 33h but finished in 10 and a half hour).
3) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Requirements [OLD] (Message 41035)
Posted 22 Jul 2010 by Bofferbrauer
I've just acquired an s/h pc with a PCI 16 express slot, but due to it being a small form factor case, standard length/height cards wont fit. Are there any double precision half height cards out there that could be used to crunch MW? I can get an HD4550 but I think its only single precision.


I think there are some HD 4770/4730 in small form factor, but it's possible that they where just made for the OEM market


That's odd, considering the fact that the 57xx have NO DP support

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