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Posted 26 Oct 2010 by WiseOne1
recently milkyway has been crushing. i tried to reset the project - it didn't work. i tried to manually delete all files related to milkyway - it didn't work either.

this is a windows error message i get:
Wystąpił problem z aplikacją milkyway_0.4_windows_intelx86.exe i zostanie ona zamknięta. Przepraszamy za kłopoty

(roughly) translated to english:
There was a problem with the application milkyway_0.4_windows_intelx86.exe and it is going to be closed. Sorry for the inconvienence.

Error Signature
AppName: milkyway_0.4_windows_intelx86.exe AppVer: ModName: milkyway_0.4_windows_intelx86.exe
ModVer: Offset: 000198f9

error occures as soon as the application starts to process the work unit. SETI@Home works fine.
i use WinXP SP3, Athlon Barton 2500+, motherboard Asus A7N8X, Bonic Manager 6.10.58.
error screenshot is here http://yfrog.com/7cerrortgj
error report http://wklej.org/id/407569/


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