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1) Message boards : News : New Poll Regarding GPU Application of N-Body (Message 71060)
Posted 11 Aug 2021 by Joseph Donahue
Is there a difference in Watts/result?
2) Message boards : Application Code Discussion : N-Body Simulation 1.68 (mt) not using any CPU/GPU. (Message 67577)
Posted 5 Jun 2018 by Joseph Donahue
Normally, my CPU meter shows high activity on all but one of my cores, and drilling down shows that BOINC is using most of those cycles (as per my configuration), but I have noticed on occasion that this N-Body simulation leaves my system idling, and BOINC Manager shows it's estimated remaining time to be on the order of several days, but the deadline is tomorrow. Status indicates it's running on 6 CPU's.

I have over ten of these waiting in the queue that are due tomorrow, and given the current task is at 61% and needs three more days to complete, I suspect there's a bug here.

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