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21) Message boards : Number crunching : Do Windows machines prefer other Windows for validation? (Message 70828)
Posted 22 May 2021 by Jim1348
I have four invalids on my Ryzen 3600 running Ubuntu 20.04.2.

That is not a large number, and I am not concerned about the amount. But they all validated against other Windows machines.

I also have a number on my Ubuntu machine that validated against Windows machines, so it is not exactly a bug. Maybe it is just a preference?
22) Message boards : Number crunching : problem with de_nbody tasks never finishing (Message 70728)
Posted 10 Apr 2021 by Jim1348
After switching to MS Defender it didn't take long for a Milkyway@home N-Body Simulation 1.76 (3 CPUs) hangup to occur. But I had forgotten to exclude the BOINC folders.

I haven't excluded them either. But you seem to be running mobile CPUs. Are the work units being suspended? I run my machines 24/7, since they are dedicated.
It could be one of the power-down tricks that Intel or Microsoft uses that causes the problem. I set my power options to "high performance" mode.
Good luck.
23) Message boards : Number crunching : problem with de_nbody tasks never finishing (Message 70725)
Posted 10 Apr 2021 by Jim1348
I have never seen the problem, and though I have not run a very large number of N-body, I have probably done enough to expect to see it.

I always suspect AV software when something is hanging up. It may be the "real time protection", which often still monitors processes even if you exclude the BOINC Data folder.
I use Microsoft Defender for Win10 and don't have problems with it.
24) Message boards : Number crunching : I gotta remember... (Message 70616)
Posted 19 Feb 2021 by Jim1348
My laptop is the only PC running on Winders and it's Win 7 Pro, it will not run Winders 10. This PC does have Winders 10 installed on a separate M.2 SSD, but is only for gaming and I haven't been gaming for over a month now. Currently I'm running Linux Mint exclusively for now.

I used to assume that Windows 7 did the same as Windows 10. But I found otherwise on at least one project, MLC, on their GPU work units strangely enough. Win10 had a big advantage.
And I suspect Win 10 might have some advantage here on the nBody CPU work also. So I upgraded to Win 10, a bit reluctantly, and am using it fine now.
25) Message boards : Number crunching : I gotta remember... (Message 70612)
Posted 19 Feb 2021 by Jim1348
My current RAC is slightly higher than it was before we had that outage a few weeks ago. It took less time to get there this time than it took to get there before the outage. So my app_config.xml has done a bit of good, the way I have it set up.

Thanks. That is the way I would like to run it anyway.

I am still puzzling a bit over Windows 10 vs. Linux. I think Win10 does a little better with all cores running on multi-core than Linux does on all cores.
I am not so sure on single cores; they are close. I want to use my Linux machines in that case. It is probably not worth investigating further.
26) Message boards : Number crunching : I gotta remember... (Message 70607)
Posted 19 Feb 2021 by Jim1348
I have one more question: Will allowing more cores for the MT tasks and less MTs running be more efficient, or does it really matter?

I have spent some considerable time looking at that, using an app_config.xml to limit my machines to a single core, and then allowing them to run on all of them (or at least more than one).

It is a tricky answer. For CPU efficiency per se, single core is best, with an efficiency on my Ryzen 3000 series being around 99% on either Win10 or Ubuntu. But you of course get them done faster with multi-core. However, the CPU efficiency is less with multi-core, around 70 to 80%. And the curious thing is that the total CPU run time is less on multi-core. I would expect it to be more, since the efficiency is less. But that is the tricky part: multi-core ties up all the CPU threads, so that they are not available to other projects. You are really wasting CPU capability. But if MW is the only project you want to run, use multi-core. If you want to run other projects also, use single core.

EDIT: The better way to compare them would really be to run a machine for a long time on single core (all of them), and then compare the RAC to the same machine running multi-core on all the cores. It could turn out that the total output was still greater on single-core.
But that is a long test.
27) Message boards : Number crunching : Can you add option to not run CPU versions of applications for which GPU versions are available? (Message 70580)
Posted 13 Feb 2021 by Jim1348
That can be achieved by setting up a second location preference.

But that requires two PCs. I don't think you can exclude them on a single PC with a single location.
That would be useful, though I think BOINC has scheduling/priority problems when you try to run both CPU and GPU work units on the same PC anyway.
28) Message boards : Number crunching : Run Multiple WU's on Your GPU (Message 70342)
Posted 13 Jan 2021 by Jim1348
I would say Nvidia cards would be better used for GPUGrid, but they have no work available....
Nvidia is cerainly not efficient with MW. Folding has a CUDA app now, and enough work. They are past their shortages.
You can run the GPU on folding, and by eliminating the CPU slot (enabled by default) run BOINC on the CPU if you want to.
29) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : GPU tasks error out on Linux (Message 70191)
Posted 24 Nov 2020 by Jim1348
I did not have many errors on my RX 570 until I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04.1, which requires the latest (20.45) drivers.
Now I get many zero-second fails, while the others complete normally.

The same thing happens on Einstein, so it is not just MW. It seems to be a driver problem, but maybe MW can work around it?
30) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU upgrade time (Message 70184)
Posted 22 Nov 2020 by Jim1348
They are now using the ATLAS system to detect the potential impacts.

If you want something to crunch, the Asteroids project is using the ATLAS data to determine various characteristics of asteroids.
31) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU upgrade time (Message 70178)
Posted 20 Nov 2020 by Jim1348
By the way, I tried a GTX 970 too, and quickly gave up on it.
I am running a few on my RX 570 under Ubuntu 20.04.1, just to check out the drivers, which are not as easy to install as Nvidia.
32) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU upgrade time (Message 70177)
Posted 20 Nov 2020 by Jim1348
Any advise would be appreciated.

Never use Nvidia here. The AMD cards are best. It is in part due to their better (or more compatible) OpenCl, and also the dual-precision performance.

The last time I checked, you were still being limited by the timeouts after downloading a group of work units. Buying an expensive card just meant you got a more expensive wait time. Maybe that has been fixed. Otherwise, I don't think you will do much better than an RX 570, certainly not for the cost.

But I am waiting for the nBody work to be put on GPUs before jumping in again, if it ever happens. Good luck.
33) Message boards : News : Award Badges Going Live Soon! (Message 70109)
Posted 4 Sep 2020 by Jim1348
They only show up when you post not on your account page anymore, yours are there.

I never knew I even had them. I guess I have to post to see. Thanks.
34) Message boards : Number crunching : nbody: Trying to run on 2 cores, but downloading 4 core tasks (Message 70093)
Posted 31 Aug 2020 by Jim1348
So I've decided to start running the Nbody tasks again. I have a 4 core CPU that has 2 GPUs. I want to limit Nbody to run on 2 cores maximum so my GPUs stay busy.

This works for me for the CPU. You can add the GPU part.
You will need a reboot (or restarting BOINC) for it to take effect for any work already downloaded.

35) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : 'Baby' Milky Way discovered 12 bln light years away (Message 70031)
Posted 14 Aug 2020 by Jim1348
A golden halo glinting 12 billion light years away is the farthest galaxy resembling our Milky Way yet spotted, astronomers said Wednesday, adding the "surprisingly unchaotic" infant star system challenges our understanding of the early years of the Universe.

"Despite forming stars at a high rate, and therefore being the site of highly energetic processes, SPT0418-47 is the most well-ordered galaxy disc ever observed in the early Universe," said Vegetti, who co-authored the research published Wednesday in Nature.

"This result is quite unexpected and has important implications for how we think galaxies evolve."

36) Message boards : News : New Runs for MilkyWay@home Nbody Simulations (07/29/2020) (Message 70019)
Posted 6 Aug 2020 by Jim1348
Yes. I run only one core per work unit. They don't take much memory anyway (only 16 MB).
I don't see the point of running more cores. They just disrupt the other projects.

But I run mine 24/7, and they sometimes run for over a day. If you need to complete them faster, then of course more cores would help.
But I think you lose a little efficiency with more cores.

37) Message boards : Number crunching : Why Validation Inconclusive? (Message 69883)
Posted 2 Jun 2020 by Jim1348
... "Being Peer Reviewed" could be better than "Validation Inconclusive" or "Validation Pending"?

That suggests review by the House of Lords, which is a bit over the top for this project.
"Pending" makes more sense, because it is in process but not completed. "Inconclusive" could imply that it will never be completed.
38) Message boards : Number crunching : Any enhanced applications developed for Milkyway to speed up GPU work? (Message 69480)
Posted 29 Jan 2020 by Jim1348
I've always avoided Linux as I see no point in learning a new OS that only makes sense to someone with a geeky mind. I don't have one of those minds.

Both of them are awful. The Linux people try to take the mistakes of Windows and exaggerate them. But Linux is a lot faster for some purposes.
39) Message boards : Number crunching : Any enhanced applications developed for Milkyway to speed up GPU work? (Message 69477)
Posted 29 Jan 2020 by Jim1348
Latest Ubuntu, 19.10 has the Nvidia 430 drivers in the install package. No questions asked, no hoops to jump through. The installer sees Nvidia hardware and installs the drivers for you, boom.Done.

What about AMD? I am putting together a new machine with an RX 570, and can do either Ubuntu 18.04.4 in a few days, or go with 19.10.
I figured I would stay with 18.04, since I think I have to install the drivers myself anyway, but is there any advantage to 19.10?
40) Message boards : News : Multi-threaded N-body is back (Message 69336)
Posted 11 Dec 2019 by Jim1348
Is there a fix for the 6CPU task problem?

They work for me.
Are you sure it is not your AV interfering?

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