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21) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Requirements [OLD] (Message 42616)
Posted 6 Oct 2010 by Profile NullCoding*
Funny, my NVIDIA card is recognized by BOINC and MW and my client keeps requesting work for it with no error messages. For reference, my GPU is a notebook card (GeForce GT 300M) that does not support DP and only has 256MB anyway.

It works for PrimeGrid and supposedly for Collatz, although Collatz gives computation errors. Einstein won't run because of insufficient memory...

I'm looking into a Quadro 600 (brand new as of, like, yesterday) for my home desktop...Not only do I want to crunch and help more, but I'm sick of games made past 2004 crashing CONSTANTLY.

That said...wonder if I can somehow make my ATi RADEON X800 SE crunch...something.
22) Message boards : Number crunching : Extreme (inaccurate) time estimates...? (Message 42554)
Posted 4 Oct 2010 by Profile NullCoding*
Aha...thanks DanNeely et. al...I thought it was something to do with the way I use GridRepublic to manage things (although I'm not entirely sure I do it right).

Resource-share doesn't necessarily affect prioritizing, then? I imagine it would, if BOINC doesn't feel I'm allocating enough CPU time to MW@H, whose tasks take the longest of the five projects I run.

Seems like I've don't get WUs that're due in more than a week, save for the really big ones from MW 0.31 and a few Sierpinski Prime Problems....
23) Message boards : Number crunching : Extreme (inaccurate) time estimates...? (Message 42530)
Posted 3 Oct 2010 by Profile NullCoding*
Ok, thanks.

No task has ever taken more than 2 days (as the machine runs 24/7) but the 200+ hour estimates threw me a bit - thought I had set up my preferences wrong or something.

Luckily I've not had a problem with BOINC killing tasks that "time out;" maybe this is why.

So what does "high priority" mean, exactly? is that something I set somehow, or is it the WU that calls itself that?
24) Message boards : Number crunching : Extreme (inaccurate) time estimates...? (Message 42514)
Posted 3 Oct 2010 by Profile NullCoding*
Although I'm somewhat new to MW and BOINC in general, I know enough about the concept of CPU crunching to know that something is a little off here:

No, it doesn't actually take that long. Earlier today I had a task reading 1108:20:00 that had run for an hour already and another (on PrimeGrid) reading 00:25:50 that had not started...

Am I doing something wrong, or is it just an error in communication between my CPU and the app? For reference, it's a 2.53GHz i5 on OSX 10.6.4; my GPU is incompatible and the computer runs 24/7. There doesn't seem to be an issue with reporting tasks, but measuring and estimating them (for resource distribution, etc) seems to be affected - for example, I can't for the life of me remember setting any preferences labeling certain tasks as "high priority."

Help a newbie? :)

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