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Posted 26 Jun 2021 by micropro
Hi Tom,

Same problem for me. From June 22nd to this morning : 145 invalid tasks in both "de_modfit_84" and "de_modfit_85". For example :


Best regards.


Hi all,

It seems that I could have the same problem that JPH.

I know I'm no faithful member of the MilkyWay community but I wanted to come back to the project and chose to run on CPU since my GPU is busy (for now) at other things.

I've never uncountered any errors until yesterday actually. I thought it was an hardware error on my end so I ditched the idea of CPU computing but still... Dumb to think that if other projects are good with my CPU.

I'll wait and see if my few units valdates or not before continuing or aborting CPU tasks.

Thank you for your time if you read this until the end ;)

Best regards,


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