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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Leaky Memory (Message 912)
Posted 3 Dec 2007 by Ivul Divul

It looks like almost everyone across the board is getting the same leaked memory, so i'm almost positive the problem is with our code and not with BOINC :)

Beeing greedy when it comes to memory allocation is no good ;)

Here's another one (WU gs_25_1196732896_22224).
Application stopped doing anything after completeing 46,9% of WU.
Tried halting it manually from BOINC manager and restarting computations, but it failed (I'm using MS Losedows XP - this was reported earlier, as I see).

Now it's the same with gs_25_1196732896_22223 - neither it's doing anything, nor it's reporting error.

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