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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Looking to optimize number crunching (Message 58070)
Posted 30 Apr 2013 by Profile Firewagon
OK... seriously confused.....

When I went to bed last night, the computer had 5 N-body WU running with at least 800 hours estimated to completion each. Now they are all complete and either validated, or awaiting validation.

Is the estimated time to completion that far out of whack?
Just before bed I had told boinc to not get new tasks so it could concentrate on finishing what it had.

This gives new meaning to estimate.... 800 hours completed in less than 24.

Is this normal?
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Posted 30 Apr 2013 by Profile Firewagon
Those old drives are still very useful.

I recently upgraded the computers at home and will be stripping the drives for the platters. A web page I found which I have lost made a suggestion I found awesome.

It had a heading something like...

Worried about the security of your old data on old drives? Don't be. Most older drives have at least 2 platters. Take them apart add a little felt and you have the coolest coasters in the world!

When I take mine apart I will probably scratch the side i will attach the felt on to ensure data loss (drives were already formatted multiple times with junk data written to them between formats) and the left-over parts are gonna go to some local e-waste recycler.

Just my 2 cents.... the pics looked really cool too.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Looking to optimize number crunching (Message 58057)
Posted 30 Apr 2013 by Profile Firewagon
Hope this is the right place.
The reason for this thread is I just notice a new Work Unit (N-Body Simulation 1.08 "349110070) with 1200+ hours until completion. This is gonna blow the deadline of 05/11/2013 unless the estimate is way off. Most other estimate are bang on though at + or - a few minutes.

I have 2 questions:
1 - How can I optimize the number crunching? The only custom I did was give boinc permission to run for all users (me only as Admin or MeTheUser) since I don't use the Admin account for day to day stuff. Since the Install I let boinc do it's thing but don't interfere. Boinc is set to suspend when I play my games (see below).
2 - Screen tearing. Every once in a while I get bad(blank - no color) pixels in my display. This only seems to happen when boinc is running. I am hoping that any custom I set here will also fix this, but probably not. It is probably a driver issue.

My Computer Specs:
CPU: AMD FX8320 - 8 core Black Edition
RAM: 12 GIG (soon to be 8 gig instead, donating 4 gig to 2nd computer with bad ram)
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, Service pack 1
Video Card: Sapphire HD7770 PCIE
Video Driver: Catalyst 13.1
BOINC Ver: 7.0.28 (X64)

Please note this is primarily a gaming system. I play World of Warcraft, FarCry3, and soon Crysis3.

Any ideas?

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