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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Throttling GPU performance (Message 55140)
Posted 15 Jul 2012 by Nano
There are many threads here that GPUs are not getting enough work. Well I have kind of the opposite problem.
Up to now I have used my HD4850 to crunch Moo, the card's fan would rev to about 10k rpm, which I cannot hear too much (or I've gotten used to), temp to 90°C.
I actived GPU on MW recently, and now the fan has to spin to 14k rpm to maintain 108°C. In both cases the GPU load is reported to 100%, so I guess MW is using more of it.
Now I can clearly hear the fan, the case's fans have to blow more air too, so it's all quite noisy when MW runs. I am a little worried of the temp level too.

-> Is it possible to throttle down the GPU calculations?
Not cycling, that kind of noise is even worse.

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