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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Please check this host (Message 570)
Posted 25 Nov 2007 by ProfilePaul
The High Benchmarks could be causing a problem if that is how the Core client figures out scores. That is an Old version of BOINC and was known to cause weird results. They did not cheat but should update their Boinc client to a newer version.

You guys should have looked at the returned results and would have found out Either the core client has a problem or the WU's are causing problems.

Every WU I checked showed memory leaks in them. this can only be caused by the core client or by the WU's. This would not be caused by the Boinc Client.

Good work, Dan. The fingerpointing stats ho's go nuts if their clients get knocked down by an erroring client. :-(

Crystallize is using her own BOINC skin, running Crunch3r's old optimized BOINC client that reports work immediately. She mistakenly thought that her client was TSWB's because of the wording TSWB-BOINC Client in the window title.

She has been advised to upgrade her BOINC client. IIRC, 5.10.1x reports immediately, but 5.10.2x does not. In any case, further advances in the BOINC client, whether it's credit issues, bug fixes, or added features certainly makes it worth upgrading to 5.10.28.

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