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1) Message boards : Number crunching : "Boinc screensaver loading" floats around for infinity only with MilkyWay (Message 74842)
Posted 20 Dec 2022 by Adam
I'm currently using BOINC 7.20.2 and running Einstein@home and Milkyway@home. My computer consists of:

Ryzen 5800X

MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi

32GB DDR4 3600

Radeon 6800XT

Seasonic 750w 80+ platinum

Most recent Windows 10 update

MSI bios from January 2021

AMD graphics drivers from December 2021

Custom water cooled setup

This computer is running both MilkyWay and Einstein. When I "suspend" MilkyWay in BOINC, Einstein starts and runs just fine. When I suspend Einstein and resume MilkyWay, the BOINC logo with "Boinc screensaver loading" printed underneath just wanders around the screen. When I run MSI Afterburner to track usage and temps, I can see that the CPU and GPU and being utilized and temps rise as expected according to the % of utilization but the MilkyWay projects don't show any progress. The completion % stays the same. The MilkyWay tasks I have are near 100% complete so at some point it was working but lately all I get is the floating BOINC logo. My Windows screensaver settings for BOINC look like this:

Blank screensaver after: never
Run BOINC screensaver for: 1hr
Run project screensavers for: never
Sitch between project screensavers every: never

I have another very similar computer that is running MilkyWay just fine. It looks like this:

Ryzen 5800X3D

MSI B550-A Pro

32GB DDR4 3600

same Radeon 6800XT

Seasonic 750w 80+ titanium

same Most recent Windows 10 update

Most recent BIOS update

Most recent AMD graphics drivers

same custom water cooled setup

Any ideas about what's going on?

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