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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Need suggestions for a mainboard for 2 highend GPU's (Message 53200)
Posted 15 Feb 2012 by Brady Faist
buying a new computer for just a few weeks of crunching doesn't really make much sense, imo. if you really want to put 1200 euros into the science i suggest either picking a project like milkyway or gpugrid and donating to it.

the other option is putting up your rig and components for a prize in a folding comp like EVGA madness that will be held next month. in both cases, the money will probably be utilized far more efficiently.

that said, go with any asus, gigabyte or evga mobo that fits and use a gold+ PSU because it will be the most stable for a high draw application like running several gpus. for crunching you really dont need sli or 16x PCIe 3.0 slots. you dont really run into bottle-necking issues because of the nature of crunching.

low input, intense calculation, low output

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