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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Account Problems (Message 67425)
Posted 5 May 2018 by flashawk
I used my authenticator string to get into that account and it's using another email address and I can't remember the password. I can't understand why they both have the same creation date and the same active computer which I built back in November.

The email address I'm using now I've had sense 1998, it's an old Netscape account that I use for everything but questionable stuff. I don't know how or why it gave my threadripper rig 2 different host ID numbers, I hope he'll be able to combine both accounts.

Thanks again for your help.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Account Problems (Message 67424)
Posted 5 May 2018 by flashawk
Thanks Al, I appreciate your help. This is really blowing my mind, I got the info you asked for. In the data directory it shows user ID 360135 and host ID 764112, the user ID is different than what's in this account.

I used the user ID from the data directory and put it in the URL you provided and went to another account with the correct uncombined credit and the correct host ID for my computer. The first account has a wrong computer ID or my computer has 2 ID's, either way it messing everything up.

if you need anything else, let me know.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Account Problems (Message 67422)
Posted 5 May 2018 by flashawk
I had my computers stolen in 2014 and have just got around to replacing my crunching rigs. When I installed BOINC I attached to my old accounts using the tools menu and add project, they all showed up and I was able to download WU's.

My account here at Milkyway@home said I had 215,000 credits and after doing substantial crunching it still says 215,000 credits. In BOINC, under the projects tab it says 777,212 credits. My current computer is listed but if I click on Tasks, it shows 0 credits.

Is there any way I can sort this out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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