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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Is LED lighting worth the investment? (Message 71377)
Posted 22 Nov 2021 by kathyzhang
Many of us have seen small screens on top of cabs in our towns and cities. Outdoor cab top screens are a new form of advertising designed to reach the masses in different places using LED screens mounted on cabs, cabs and buses. These forms of advertising are becoming increasingly popular, especially in large cities. It is rapidly overtaking billboards and bench advertising. With cabs becoming the preferred mode of travel and the rise of Uber, messages can be better communicated on the screens on top of cabs.
Reasons to Invest in Taxi Top LED Displays

Up-to-date Ads

Taxi top ads allow advertisers to keep their customers informed about their products and services. This is accomplished by quickly updating their advertising database when needed.

Cost Effective

Taxi top LED displays are cheaper in all respects, especially considering that LED displays do not require external power.

Flexibility in advertising

The idea of displaying cab top advertising through LEDs gives business people the flexibility to display the products/services they want. It helps to target the desired consumers off the road. It is helping advertisers to realize their dreams digitally on wheels. The ads placed through this medium are very precise and you can easily change the ads depending on the time and location of the cab. There is a bit of work that helps to know the right ad for the right location and audience. Targeting the right audience helps to increase sales effectively.

Excellent screen utilization

Earlier cab top advertising was boring and often consisted of monotonous advertising techniques. With the advancement in the use of LED displays, screen utilization has improved even more. They provide businesses with the opportunity to advertise in any way they see fit.

Backlighting Options

Backlighting options make it easy for viewers to watch anytime, day or night. 100% visibility is an added feature.

Overhead View

Since these Led screen displays are mounted on top of the cab, they are certainly a great way to always provide an elevated view of the screen. Viewers can sit or stand to watch.


Since these screens are mounted on top of cabs, they are sure to withstand climate changes such as rain, storms, and heat. They are strong enough to withstand weather shocks (if any).

High Capacity

These LED screens support large volumes of information at any given time. It's incredible how much data they can support to advertise the maximum number of ads.


It goes without saying that this is indeed a great investment opportunity for anyone looking to profit from their advertising dollars. Cabs are everywhere in large cities and towns and are actually able to cover a much wider area than static billboards. If you are indeed looking for a way to invest in LED screens on top of cabs, then rest assured that they are indeed a good investment.

Looking for a trustworthy supplier of Car Top Digital Signs?

If you have been considering where to customize your desired cab top LED display, please contact us for the best prices on all our professional products and services.
2) Questions and Answers : Getting started : How to use wool drying balls properly? (Message 71334)
Posted 9 Nov 2021 by kathyzhang
Dryer balls are a very economical and environmentally friendly way to do laundry. If you want to keep your laundry soft and fluffy while avoiding the use of chemicals, then wool dryer balls may be on your radar. These compact spheres made from wool are designed to be a natural, reusable alternative to traditional fabric softener sheets or plastic dryer balls. An added bonus is that our wool balls are made from 100% organic New Zealand wool and they are unscented so you can add your favorite essential oils for a fresh, clean scent.
How to use the drying balls
When using dryer balls, it's important to remember how they work. Because they work by separating clothing, clothes, towels and bedding, dryer balls need room to work! In other words, you can't fill your dryer with a load of clean, wet clothes and expect the dryer balls to work properly; dryer balls are always best for small to medium loads.
Also, if you just bought a package of various dryer balls, you may be wondering how many dryer balls you need per load. The usual number is 3 large balls per load. If you have small balls, 4 may be sufficient.
The instructions for using the dryer balls are easy to understand: grab them, toss them into the dryer, and leave them in your laundry. Then, remove the dried laundry and leave the balls for the next load.
If you like your balls to have a great scent, add a few drops of essential oil to them. Add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil to each wool dryer ball. Be sure to let the essential oils dry on the balls before adding them to the dryer. Because the essential oils are natural, they will not damage your wool drying balls or your clothes, and they will smell great.

Reduces static cling
While our wool dryer balls help reduce static cling, you may still notice some static on your clothes because they are chemical free. There are a few things that can cause static cling, such as over-drying clothes and synthetic materials. Here are some tips to eliminate static cling from dryer balls
1. Separate the synthetic material from the rest of the garment
2. Spray the dryer balls with water before putting them in the dryer
3. Attach a small safety pin to a ball to disperse static electricity
What to do with used wool dryer balls
The uses are endless. Once you've decided to scrap your used wool dryer balls, you can throw them in the compost pile. Or, you can keep them. Here are some ideas.
Refresh the air: Add oil to the dryer balls and place them in a corner.
Sweeten your sheets: Add oil to the dryer balls and tuck them in the closet.
Play indoor catch.
Practice juggling.
Cover it with fabric and use it as a doll's head.
Offer them to your pets - they make great toys! Just make sure that any essential oils you have used before are animal safe.
3) Questions and Answers : Web site : Safe transportation solution: stretch packing machine (Message 71327)
Posted 8 Nov 2021 by kathyzhang
Distribution and product packaging become efficient and efficient when products are built by unifying or integrating them into a single unit. In addition, this form of technology will ensure that safe and efficient delivery measures are delivered to any desired location point. Therefore, integrating the use of a Stretch Wrap Machine will improve your shipping procedures by eliminating incidents related to product damage and robbery.

So which version of elastic wrap is right for me?
Well, choosing the right film certainly depends on your requirements or function. For example, if factory stock material is delivered, uv protective film will not be appropriate. In addition, due to its tensile elongation factor and thinner evaluation width, down evaluation films are usually an acquired option. In addition, when individuals wrap pallets, this film is more vulnerable to dominant damage when applied to the top corner of the container or the side of the pallet.
However, if you didn't know how to use a Stretch Wrap Machine for your shipping or storage reasons before, here are some questions that can better guide you:

What is the difference between high performance and traditional stretch film?
Suitable for mass generation of pallet for splitter equipment and pallet packaging equipment.
Throw Stretch - The most standard Stretch packaging, ideal for assembling and storing products due to the balance and clear quality of its padding.
Economic system Stretch Wrap - live up to its name; It helps because it is a low rated package and because of its lightweight features it helps when it comes to personal taste of products.
Offer stretch packing - Exactly the same in the program for casting packing, but this stretch packing machine features a single-side suspension feature and a low exposure feature that prevents pallets from sticking together on the trailer while increasing safety as the viewer will struggle to determine the quoted material. Superior filling has strength.
Super Purple Stretch (UVI) - Perfect for storing products outdoors. The film eliminates damage from sunlight.
VCI stretch film - finely wrapped in steel, this film is usually used to bond pipe joints to steel sheets. The packaging has been developed with certain substances that do not harm steel products.
Anti-static Stretch Film - The program is refined and recommended because it eliminates physical impact when wrapping trays for quick personal use.
Coming Up Wrap - This Wrap is not made from plastic material, but from dense knitted material, as it's perfect for combining things that need to breathe like wood and produce.
Ventilated pallet packaging - just like mesh packaging, but it is made of plastic material and is the same in terms of ending vegetables and fruits as well as spoilage when vegetables are delivered.
Biodegradable stretch film - This is a modern stretch film that is both environmentally friendly and equipped with strong padding.
As a recommendation, when purchasing a stretch packing machine from an online supplier, be sure to ask for a sample so that you know if it meets your requirements.

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