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Posted 6 Oct 2008 by Fab36-Folding-Division
What's the waste?
It's the waste of energy - the energy paid by your supporters! You're right that in this stage of MW correct results should count more than performance. But this doesn't mean you should write code that takes hours for something that can easily (i.e. without doing rocket science) be done within minutes. E.g. I've seen code like this in the MW sources:
x = y / z;
v = x * z;
Anyone who made it through school's Mathmatics, will notice that this is the same as v = y. Actually the redundant division decreases accuracy and therefore it should be in YOUR interest to change this code. You may say it's just a division and a multiplication. But a division isn't a simple operation and the code was called very often.

I think noone expects you to deliver a highly-optimized app as long as MW is in Alpha stage. But what we have now isn't a "normal" app, it's a highly de-optimized app and that's not good enough even for Alpha stage.

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