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1) Message boards : News : Separation Project Coming To An End (Message 75536)
Posted 14 Jun 2023 by Profile Cesium_133*
We would appreciate your input on this because we expect that it will probably take some time for GPU-oriented users to swap that hardware over to different projects. How long would you like us to wait before we shut down Separation?

You have a loyal following of GPU users, including this isotope, who like using their GPU's on this project. Einstein@Home is my backup for GPU usage. How long to keep this going? Until you can squeeze not a single additional useful WU out of your GPU coding. Not a second less. You have a great thing going here. I would hope you'd run it as long as your equipment, time (given your research paper coming out), and funds allow-

Best to you and your great project- :)
2) Message boards : News : testing new application (milkyway3) (Message 38948)
Posted 21 Apr 2010 by Profile Cesium_133*
I have one WU trying to download itself:


which has been trying to download for the better part of a day. I don't pretend to know which WU's are of which family, but I can say that this one is not getting to me. My Messages tab tells me that there's nothing wrong with my end or my connections...

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