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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Upgraded cooling of Mac Pro (Message 19153)
Posted 17 Apr 2009 by Elphidieus
If you have booted into Mac OS X with SMCFanControl on your desired fan speeds, won't a direct reboot (by restarting, without shutting down the MP) into Windows actually maintain the speed of the fans as per SMCFanControl settings...?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 3rd.in - optimized apps (Message 18569)
Posted 13 Apr 2009 by Elphidieus
Okay, I have mine up now as well.

I borrowed a bit from Ice on the design since a table is the best for all the different apps.


I also included the OSX app that jedirock made.

Are there really any performance difference between jedirock's release and the stock client...?

I can't seem to see any noticeable differences from my tower. No offense to jedirock of course...
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized OS X Applications (Message 18566)
Posted 13 Apr 2009 by Elphidieus

Alberto was running this when we had a steady supply of units.

The Windows app is 256% faster than that for OSX on Intel at the present moment.

So getting an RAC of approx 16,000 would be very plausible.

Even if there's a steady stream of WUs, there aren't enough to last even few hours without hitting the Update button, are they...?

I'd just wished the WUs were larger with rather longer datelines so that my offline tower can crunch on them for days without resorting to backup projects. The problem here is that I can only download a maximum of 6 WUs per processor for any given instance.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized OS X Applications (Message 18563)
Posted 13 Apr 2009 by Elphidieus
There may yet be a LOT more performance to squeeze out of OS X. I just bootcamped Vista 64 and been running it in my Mac Pro for a week. Under OS X (10.5.6) it was crunching about 6-7k daily, maybe 8000+ on a good day. But after I put Vista 64 (and using optimized app under 6.6.18) the MP is pulling 15-19k a day! I'm not knocking on jedirock's efforts, they are truly appreciated, but there may be some more performance that can be gained from OS X - unless OS X itself has some limiting factor that we don't know about.

I seriously wonder how you would pull out that much of credit a day when I'm even having trouble getting new WUs regardless of Windows or Mac, let alone maintaining enough WU cache for one day without babysitting my tower every 2 - 3 hours...
5) Message boards : Number crunching : fiqured that I would ask here. (Message 17455)
Posted 3 Apr 2009 by Elphidieus
I would have the support for ATI if not because of the absence of a GPU client on Mac OS. Looking at the prospect of the new Mac Pro supporting the ATI 4870 against the ever-outdated 8800GT on the nVidia side, this is something I'd wish to participate but the lack of a Mac client means I'll most probably have to make do with an nVidia card, 9800GTX+ at best and the upcoming CUDA support as promised by the MW developers.

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