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1) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Requirements [OLD] (Message 42298)
Posted 22 Sep 2010 by Profile uBronan
lol lets not get onto the rumours about the new series 6xxx i would seriously not expect anything more then say 7 to 20% gain if they get released.( anything above this will be nice bonus)

I know for a fact that all manufactors do not give the full potential ever, since we want our pricy cards to run longer then the warranty says ;)

I have seen some test with cpu's from DEC which where simply destroyed by going to their limits, so they will allways stay well below that risk.

Nevertheless here we see an overclocked GTX480 doing about 110 seconds over a unit, while a normal clocked AMd 5870 takes about 85 seconds..

So even though its not bad for a nvidia you must consider that any 5870 does that cooler, cheaper, more silent and last but not least needs less power todo this then those nvidia cards

On Collatz we see the same the GTX 480 OC can show in the top list but has a huge list of AMD cards above them.
To be exact a 5870 does one unit in 5 to 6 minutes and a GTX480 OC needs 6,6 to 8 minutes for the same unit.

So i can safely say nvidia made a huge improvement on the processing side on these projects but still is not able to beat a simple 5870 at all
2) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Credit Question (Message 42024)
Posted 10 Sep 2010 by Profile uBronan

The only multi-GPU rig I run has a mix of ATI (for graphics) and legacy nVidia. As I understand a second, or more, ATI GPU will need a dummy plug (as described in the link) and the desktop extended across to the second monitor. I do not use a dummy plug on my NV GPUs as the latest driver (258.96) will recognise them. All they need is the desktop extending in Display Properties/Settings/

Sadly that does not allways work John, even though i admit the newer driver is much better in controlling multi cards

Its most of the time the os which messes up if your not running sli / crossfire.
When you boot up the system clearly see the extra cards.

One of my mates have a system with 3 nvidia cards but somehow windows did put those 2 extra cards sometimes in sleep mode.

He used to connect shortly the monitor plug on them to start crunch and then switch to the other untill they all ran again. But that was not a very handy solution.
After i installed 2 dummy plugs he does no longer have to check they work allways now.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Increasing GPU queue size and working unit download rate? (Message 42010)
Posted 9 Sep 2010 by Profile uBronan
I'm sorry I'm totally new here, where do I change this debt number?

Just let it run and set collatz or dnetc as backup project in case you don't get work from MW
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Is there any hope ... (Message 42009)
Posted 9 Sep 2010 by Profile uBronan
lol still not validated :D
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Computer lags when running 5870 gpu (Message 41997)
Posted 8 Sep 2010 by Profile uBronan
it is implied, imo, that I understand these are different projects, what I don't understand is what they ask of the gpu such that the temps are as noted above.

you noted that mw runs hotter, but it sounds like you have not tried dnetc. this is not a percentage gpu usage thing, I run 100% for all gpu crunching. what brilliant soul would pose this matter and then slide in a note that he/she runs only 50% gpu when crunching mw and 25% for collatz? wow, slap me down.

I observed the temps when crunching across the three projects and dnetc is clearly the hottest making of my gpus. again, that is the primary reason I burped this thread, it makes no sense.

by temps, hottest to coolest: dnetc, mw, collatz
by credit, highest to lowest: dnetc, mw, collatz
(as observed for weeks for all projects)

NOTE: I think the credit hierarchy is understood, for whatever reason, dnetc is a much higher credit given project. the temps, that is what I have seen and might just be my little world though I doubt it.

is it a coincidence the temp to credit hierarchy? part of me says yes yet part says no. I hope someone can explain this matter who is familiar enough with this project (come on admin), and therefore likely to have very good understanding of the other two.


Dude start messing with the optimized application and start tinkering with the settings to get you gpu loaded more then come back with a serious answer.
If you run plain mw from the website it is not running at his max, the main reason is that you start complaining that your desktop starts being slow as hell if it does.
Again the reason for dnetc to heat your gpu more is that it runs more then one thread, if you run MW like we all run in the paste with 3 to 5 units you'll see what i mean by that.
So its plain and simple most am too lazy to run it the old way and just let it run how it is set by boinc with only 1 unit > PERIOD <
If you don't use the pc for other purpose other then this projects you can set it that way because you won't do anything other then check it once in a while, but if not you won't like the slowness when running 3 or more threads

ps: when you run the way MW is made since start with mulitple threads you won't see your cards used on the site anymore it will only report your running anonymous platform, and your output will slightly grow also since it will stress the card more (1 unit stresses my card up to 96-98% with 3 it shows 99-100% )

The reason why i stopped at Dnetc is that my card was getting units which gave other persons 6500 points and i got 5000 i have posted about that on dnetc about that but never got an answer.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Computer lags when running 5870 gpu (Message 41869)
Posted 1 Sep 2010 by Profile uBronan
I had a similar problem with 2 5870's. My problem was that I run a single
monitor and I had disabled the monitor of the second card in CCC. I connected
a second monitor, enabled it after reinstalling CCC, allowed CCC to identify it and all the lag disappeared. And the time per wu decreased by about 40%. I guess this is where the dummy plug comes in handy. The second monitor I have switched off but keep it plugged in the card. My cards are also in slots 1 and 3 to keep them as far apart as possible for overheating problems.
I hope this helps :-)

Ahhh yes yes i now understand your question.

Toppie hits the spot with that problem with some weird reaction of dual cards, my approach is different.

I use dummy plugs and also not run in crossfire.

I totally removed CCC and just installed the plain 10.X drivers then after they are installed i go into the config screen and under monitor select the other card and extend my desktop to it, which does the same trick as toppie posted.

Your right about not a hardware issue, but you compare 2 totally different projects, first of all collatz/dnetc are single precision projects

Milkyway however is a double precision project, now i am not totally sure but i am under the impression that double precision does stress the gpu much more.

That Dnetc heats up your cards more is kinda weird since for my cards its MW who heats them up much more, but maybe thats because i edit the app_info.xml to let the card work harder (about 99% load).

I have not looked into dnetc (about 96% load) but from what is saw is that on that project the cards overall run many times idle while some data is being processed by the cpu.

I am sure if cruncher see this he will react ;)
7) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Requirements [OLD] (Message 41868)
Posted 1 Sep 2010 by Profile uBronan
I am not sure but it seems to me that the cypress models all overclock well and easy
The way i overclock is to load furmark let it run at 1024x768 windowed in test mode not as benchmark and then watch the average/max fps
And i look for artifacts or errors, while i crank the card up with msi afterburner, there are other tools but i hate them ( traytools/atitool/riva tuner )
Now the core overclock is pretty straight forward you crank it up till you see either artifacts or when the machine freezes or reboots, when it does lower it like 10mhz from the point it crashed and try again, if again happens you found your limit on the core.
The memory on the newer cards is somewhat different since these cards correct themselfs you watch the fps of furmark.
Everytime i crank the speed up with 10 mhz and keep my eye on the fps if they keep going up your on the right track but if they become equal or lower then you found the limit. again lower 10mhz and try again if same result your found the limit. Now on most cases i test after i set these settings i start try major benchmarks for a day or 2 to see if the machine stays stable.
If it does remain stable then most overclockers do a step back 10 to 20 mhz and keep that as the final setting.
There seem to be ways to crank up voltage on these cards also, but thats not my thing (since there is a big change of blowing up your card)

Overclocking does give some minor increase of performance, to be honest they are really so small it hardly worth doing except for bragging to friends about the good syntetic benchmarks
8) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Requirements [OLD] (Message 41841)
Posted 30 Aug 2010 by Profile uBronan
Only all 58XX and up cards have double precision.

I find this an unfortunately incomplete statement.

All ATI HD48xx and HD38xx series cards have double precision implemented and can successfully crunch Milkyway work quite readily.

When the server runs constantly, I have had an HD3850 crunching Milkyway work for over a year.

You miss the point posted earlier someone stated that 56xx and or 57xx are capable of doing double precision
Apart from the 5XXX list the capability list is almost complete.
Anthony only needs to add the 5830 and then maybe some fermi stuff when the problems are fixed.
And yes many older models are DP capable as allready mentioned in the list, i just reacted on this 5xxx issue.
I myself have some older models running but the newer 55xx/56xx/57xx no longer have DP, its so sad for us that ati decided the remove DP on these lower models.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Computer lags when running 5870 gpu (Message 41834)
Posted 30 Aug 2010 by Profile uBronan
Now i am a bit baffled by this post.
You say a 5870 and it responce is sluggish ?!?!
I am running also a 5870 and believe it or not while running any project still can do games/work/surf except when i set my games to ultra high settings.
For normal operation i have in no way any experience of a sluggish screen.
Hell even on my other old ati 4770 i can surf, wordprocess and do whatever and not even see this. Ofcourse when i start gaming on that machine i see a result.
Now to find the cause of the sluggish reaction there must be ofcourse a reason.
One reason could be that you run the card in a slower system.
For instance i was running the 5870 on a 2,4 Ghz Q6600 and when i ran 3dmark06 benchmark only got 14835 points, so i overclocked the cpu to 3,2 Ghz and the immediate result was that i got 17821 score in the same benchmark

But i think you must check for how many pci-e slots your system has if you have more then 1 slot, which slot is your video card in ?.
And second does your system has other addin cards in the normal pci slots.
If so some of these other card is maybe fighting for the same irq in your system this can be sometimes solved by changing the slot where the videocard is put in or the pci card ( mostly sound/network cards)
If you want to check if an irq is conflicting you can check for instance with hwinfo/everest/speccy or other system info programs.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Requirements [OLD] (Message 41730)
Posted 24 Aug 2010 by Profile uBronan
Only all 58XX and up cards have double precision.
To begin with the 5830 but i think not many will buy it since for a bit more you can buy a 5850 which performs much better, and has more streaming cores.

5830 - 1120
5850 - 1440
5870 - 1600
5970 - 3200

Its sad that Ati decided not to implement double precision on the 5700 serie cards but i guess it has todo with the cost reduction for manufacture.

My good old 4770 still does well at processing its most of the time faster then my old 4830
11) Message boards : Number crunching : help installing ati 5970 on win 7 64 bit it keeps crashing (Message 41469)
Posted 15 Aug 2010 by Profile uBronan
Euhm what you mean 5890 or do you mean a 5970 the dual one

I think the most stable is 10.5 avoid installing 10.6
But on my system 10.7a/b both run kinda stable
The a version has some fixes for the games i play and the b has opencl support.
Which at some time let us crunch on gpugrid in the future
12) Message boards : News : Screensaver Demo (Message 41425)
Posted 13 Aug 2010 by Profile uBronan
First on topic another vote for color

now offtopic: ofcourse not many mobility videocards support double precision..
the whole purpose of these cards is trying to give a good output with minimal heat and power draw ...
lol what you think double precision do ;), mw is a super way to heat up your videocard and if its a laptop get it to shutdown because gets overheated xD
All normal HD 5850 support double precision only the lower models seem to lack this but its sometimes hard to find if they support it or not
I think the rule in this case is when they not mention it on the specs it probably is not implemented
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Waiting for validation... (Message 41422)
Posted 13 Aug 2010 by Profile uBronan
Well everyday i see some more added to te list

with : Checked, but no consensus yet

It really needs attention or the list will become huge
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Hyperthreading not working? (Message 41398)
Posted 11 Aug 2010 by Profile uBronan
Again people who own a intel with hyperthreading ... you have 4 cores not 8
The only thing what hyperthreading does is make the operating system think you have 4 extra cores so it enable some work to do on 8 threads instead of 4.
So for low cpu intensive tasks this is fun and handy but for MW which eats all it can get it simply suxx.
It does not make you have 4 real extra cores > period <
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Nvidia 470/480 appls to crunch on? (Message 41214)
Posted 3 Aug 2010 by Profile uBronan
einstein was the last who wanted to test cuda and still has it not working very effective.
you gain maybe half an hour while it is constantly running on your cpu and your gpu, points wise i think hardly any change either.
The projects cuda wise are gpugrid, collatz, milkyway and seti.
But i wonder if it is wise to use a fermi on milkyway since ati rulez there.
Nvidia cards don't do double precision work very well.
Seti has the problem that it is hard to get units for cuda
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Waiting for validation... (Message 41205)
Posted 2 Aug 2010 by Profile uBronan
On my systems the list of pending is growing
Now i am clueless since some just end up in the list of pending while the next just get rewarded as usual

And guys on this project pending is weird, this project don't need a wingman for control since its a double precision project ...
So no check by another user needed if the calculation was done well
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Aaargh! Server out of new work! (Message 40941)
Posted 15 Jul 2010 by Profile uBronan
this projects on ati cards suffer from work most of the time
these nvidia projects are much slower but get steadily work :)
nvidia luckers xD
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't stop CPU based WU on ATi system. (Message 40667)
Posted 25 Jun 2010 by Profile uBronan
Your partially right lol as usual :D

I had set these multi core machines as work not as default so i could control cpdn a bit better
Now somehow it started 5 units at once so it those took a while since they where indeed running on the gpu.
This machine is a quad with one ati 4850
I went to milkyway preferences and changed all possible options to no cpu use
now after 38 minutes those units finished and after restart boinc all looks normal again :D
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't stop CPU based WU on ATi system. (Message 40665)
Posted 25 Jun 2010 by Profile uBronan
This is weird i see this old thread and see mine getting cpu units also even though i set on the site no cpu use allowed
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Unable to reattach to MW. (Message 40664)
Posted 25 Jun 2010 by Profile uBronan
LoL that was the fix indeed thanx
Its getting apps and data

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