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1) Message boards : Number crunching : MW stops downloading as it seems to be looking for only GPU wu's (Message 28454)
Posted 27 Jul 2009 by computerguy09
BOINC will try to donwload those types of WU that it thinks it needs to keep both the CPU and the GPU busy.

But if it isn't asking for CPU WU's, but is asking for GPU WU's, you may need to run down all the projects, or at least the GPU project to where you don't have any GPU WU's. Then reset the GPU project, so it's debt is 0. Then reset MW as well (assuming you don't have any work in progress there). Then let MW request work, and after you get some CPU work, you can then allow work for the GPU project.

Most of this problem comes from BOINC not having a separate counter for GPU and CPU work, so it just keeps asking for what it thinks it needs.

If MW updated the server side, and setup flags to tell BOINC client that it only can handle CPU work, then this might help things, too!


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