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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 6.10.1 Posted. (Message 29928)
Posted 30 Aug 2009 by Orakk


Thanks Crunch3r,

x64 all - 610.1/W7/8.612 driver



At end of the current Que I'll likely try the Red Pill and see if that helps with stalled downloads of new MW-WUs.
2) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Catagory for team threads? (Message 27878)
Posted 17 Jul 2009 by Orakk
As the title suggests, can we have a category for team threads? This project is moving along and we could use more space for team rant options. One thread per team would work..

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Using the MW ATi application, Q & A (Message 27684)
Posted 13 Jul 2009 by Orakk
That first post is gold, cheers..

Had to install driver from c:/ATI unpack dir but all is working fine now on W7x64 using vista driver install.

4870/ W7_64 / Vista_64 Catalyst 8.12 / BOINC_64 6.6.20 / 0.19f + 'n1 w1.1' parameters inserted to app_info.xml.
4) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : What are we doing and for whom? (Message 27569)
Posted 12 Jul 2009 by Orakk
I am a new member, want to know what are credits and what do we do with credits.

For me it's a cartoon, imagine Whacky Races with 1.8 million contenders and you get the idea..
5) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : 2012 (Message 27567)
Posted 12 Jul 2009 by Orakk
Hello MW@Home and ztmike:

lol what?

This 2012 thing has been around ALOT longer than the new upcoming movie "2012" I think you better get your facts straight, before criticizing something.

Try Googling "Nibiru"
To answer the OP's question...nobody here can say for CERTAIN what the future brings, but I'm sure if there's a planet heading towards Earth, NASA and the governments already know about it..but are keeping it hush hush due to panic.

I'm pretty sure that my facts are straight :P, that website he linked stating he got information from it is actually made by Sony. The scientists and "facts" featured therein are entirely fictitious and created to bring publicity to the movie. Check the bottom of the webpage for publication info :)

I can also Google "The Montauk Project" or "The Philadelphia Project" or "The Jersey Devil" or "HAARP" or "Chemtrail Theory" and get a lot of very nice information. That doesn't mean that I believe every disturbing thing I see :)

John Vickers

DNS check sorta gives it away,,


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