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Posted 31 Oct 2023 by Steve53
Some of us do not have access to Facebook...
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Posted 5 Jul 2023 by Steve53
I just recently "upped" the utilization of my new computer's CPU. I have a 5995 Threadripper Pro with 64 core CPUs. Until today, I had run at a 50% CPU utilization. Currently I am running ~ 65-75% core utilization. I am nervously increasing the amount of CPU utilization. When I first downloaded BOINC to this new computer I ran it at almost 100% utilization and could barely get in to stop the program as it took over the computer.

My question is this: How much CPU % utilization can I run without the BOINC program blocking me out and wreaking havoc?

PS I was a longtime SETI & milky way BOINC utilizer, moving from 4 core to 7 cores.

Thanks for any guidance.

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