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Posted 25 Jul 2008 by ProfileSnowman
Has the MilkyWay work units been extended again?
My Opteron 285 has been doing these in less than 4 hours and as low as 2.54 hours, but I now have one that has been running for 9 hours and it is only at 46%. It is a gs_3720282_1216093681_2573596_1 model.
I did not add the actual WU link as it will be purged as soon as it is returned.

No they have not been extended again. The 3720282 and 3721282 are the long WUs from when I first increased it, but after that they have only been shortened. The 3730382 and 3731382 should run between half and a quarter of the time of those above.

Thanks for the update Nate, much appreciated.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : New WU Length? (Message 4266)
Posted 20 Jul 2008 by ProfileSnowman
Sorry for all the confusion, I did make a post about the increased time for WUs when I did it, but I realize that "at the same time" wasn't enough time for some of you guys to realize what was going on. Thanks to those that pointed the others in the right direction.

The answer to the big question is YES, the deadlines will be changed. The only reason it hasn't been done yet is that I do not know how, and Travis is out of town until today or tomorrow. However, it will be fixed ASAP.

As for all the credit issues, my personal belief is that there should be a standard BOINC implementation that gives 1 credit per minute crunched. Simple sweet and no worrying by the project admins if there is too much or too little. But, that's just my opinion. However, I do understand why it's not universal and, so we deal with it.

If you didn't know how to change the deadlines, wouldn't it have made sense to hold off the changes until all the necessary bits were in place?

Due to the short deadlines BOINC is treating MW WU's as high priority, other projects are not getting any time anymore so I've had to stop getting any new WU's

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