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1) Message boards : News : New server test post (Message 52271)
Posted 6 Jan 2012 by keithhenry
Finally connected to server to report my tasks. I had to ALLOW NEW TASKS, then do an update request for it to work. Hadn't been able to report tasks in the last 24-hrs.

I don't know if the accounts are on the same server, but I cannot update my community prefs. I get a HTTP 500 Internal Server error. http://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/edit_forum_preferences_action.php
It's working for me

Yes, repeatedly doing manual update requests eventually got things working for me, even with NOT ALLOW NEW TASKS set. I was also able to update my preferences.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : All new .44 cpu tasks erroring out. (Message 43395)
Posted 1 Nov 2010 by keithhenry
I see the came thing. Immediate computation error as soon at each WU starts.

Data from one of them:
Name de_separation_82_2s_30_1_10816_1288641075_0
Workunit 176778837
Created 1 Nov 2010 19:51:19 UTC
Sent 1 Nov 2010 19:53:27 UTC
Received 1 Nov 2010 20:10:57 UTC
Server state Over
Outcome Client error
Client state Compute error
Exit status -1073741515 (0xffffffffc0000135)
Computer ID 81060
Report deadline 9 Nov 2010 19:53:27 UTC
Run time 0
CPU time 0
stderr out <core_client_version>6.10.58</core_client_version>
- exit code -1073741515 (0xc0000135)

Validate state Invalid
Claimed credit 0
Granted credit 0
application version MilkyWay@Home v0.44

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