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1) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Requirements [OLD] (Message 40705)
Posted 27 Jun 2010 by Tim Lungstrom
Has anyone used the ATI HD 4850 card on MW?
That seems the lowest priced double percision card that ATI
has that will work with MW. The 4770 seems to be costing more and
has 640 streams to the 4850's 800 streams.

I am looking for the lowest costing ATI card for GPU.
4670 is the lowest costing I would buy, but it does not work
with MW. So if I about double the cost to $100, then I can
go to 4850 card.

My GT220 card died a few weeks ago, so I was looking at getting a replacement
and for Collatz, ATI was the only choice for the price. I can get over 4 times
the credits going ATI for the same price as the GT220, so now I am looking for
the lowest costing ATI that works with the most projects.

I am running an AMD Phenom 9650 quad core @ 2.3 GHz, with only 1 PCIe x16 slot.
It does have the smaller x1 slot though. I have 4 gig ram and 1 TB internal and 1TB external. I run Ubuntu 64-bit Linux. I could run 64-bit XP, but need the free DVD authoring and video editing software, since on a fixed income I cannot afford the software prices. That is why Ubuntu Linux.

I am not a gamer and run GPU only for BOINC. My monitor max out at
1368 x 768 as a widescreen 16:9 monitor. I would love a bigger one, but
that was all I had the money for. I am really limited with spare money to
buy computer parts and such, so I need to get the best items for the lowest
prices I can. $100 is the most I can spare each month for non monthly bills
or food. Very limited.

for anyone who is a programmer of C++ on Linux, please tell me what
is the easiest C++ system on Debian/Ubuntu to learn and use. Also
If there is an easier programming system, I would like to know. I
wish to relearn programming skills after 2 strokes took much of it away.
I used Pascal more than C/C++, but want to learn the easiest, most
powerful language "system" I can find "FREE". I miss creating things
like Mainframe Accounting systems and dedicated language editor, like I
did for RPG, all those years ago before I went PC only. Now I just want
to relearn it for my own fun, since it was fun for me or I would not
have become a programmer all those years ago.

Let me know OFF the lists at seti "at" krackedpress "dot" com.

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