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Posted 21 Dec 2007 by Profilefesstess
At TSWB Stats 'N Stones we have a unique and comprensive set of BOINC stats for teams, members and computers that incude milestones, member movements, and charts on all individual BOINC projects as well as stats for overall BOINC.
2) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Team Recruitment thread - CLOSED (Message 153)
Posted 10 Oct 2007 by Profilefesstess
Are you looking for a team with active members? Forums that aren't one dimensional? Live chat or IRC which people actually use? A truly international team of diverse individuals working toward common goals? Then check out Team Starfire World BOINC.

We are a young team of experienced distributed computing members with ties going back over 6 years. Stop in and say hi at our irc channel, irc://irc.teamstarfire.net:6667/team_starfire, or join through our chat client.

We'd be happy to have you join our team as we grow.

Stop in and see what we're all about!

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