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1) Message boards : Number crunching : No work 4 GPU (Message 50529)
Posted 4 Aug 2011 by DGG
I see that new ATI GPU WUs started coming in this morning. So thanks to MW staff for making this happen.

I have both an NVIDIA and ATI card in my system and had just decided a couple of weeks ago to make MW my highest ATI priority. I discontinued DNET and Primegrid and lowered the Collatz priority below MW because I wanted an American project that was more science than math for my GPUs.

Then all the issues hit full force at MW. My RAC was suffering and I had only Collatz to keep my numbers up. Hopefully MW will continue to provide WUs for a while longer than the last time. I'd like to keep it the main GPU project but need it to stay fairly reliable as points are as important to me as the science.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : No work 4 GPU (Message 50519)
Posted 3 Aug 2011 by DGG
Nevermind about not getting ATI GPU WUs...

I just looked into my MW account tasks and see I did finish a few (although normally this would be many more per day). The ones that are finished aren't being validated. Some say "Awaiting Validation" and some say "Validation Inconclusive". So then checking server status, I see no WUs available and none being validated. So something is down again.

So apparently, no one is getting WUs.

So I guess a better question would have been "How long is Milkyway going to keep going down?" Seems like a lot of problems lately.

Can someone from MW staff let us know what's going on since the news on outages seems to be from a while back.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : No work 4 GPU (Message 50516)
Posted 3 Aug 2011 by DGG
So I don't see any info on the boards on when ATI GPU workunits will be available. The last time I got a WU from Milkyway was over a week ago. I realize there were outages a week ago but apparently the CPU folks are getting WUs since then.

Can anyone involved with this project give us some info on when GPU WUs will again be available?

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Screen Saver Help : ( (Message 45600)
Posted 17 Jan 2011 by DGG
It would sure be appreciated if a project admin would give everyone an update on what the status of the screensaver announced in June is.

While there have been a few threads about it being tested a few months ago, little status of it's progress has been announced.

Is it still a work in progress or has it been dropped?

5) Message boards : News : MilkyWay@home screensaver coming soon (Message 45410)
Posted 4 Jan 2011 by DGG
Need updates from admin:

I know this thread was started in June 2010 but the updates of what's happening seem to have stopped in July 2010 from the developer.
(There was some activity in the Linux posts about testing it for Linux but not here.)

Is a Windows SS still a work in progress? Any release time planned?
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Screen Saver Help : ( (Message 45286)
Posted 24 Dec 2010 by DGG
The Milkyway Screensaver is not functional yet. It's being worked on but the forum messages and response from the admins don't give any clue to when or if it will be done. They are apparently building a very complex one. I'm waiting and watching for when it is finished before I do much MW work.

If you are using CUDA, on SETI, the screensaver doesn't work. Only their CPU units provide the screensaver. Climate prediction doesn't have CUDA workunits (only CPU ones). So if you are using SETI CUDA, MW and CP, only the Climate Prediction SS should run and only when the workunit is actively running.

Generally, the unspecified BOINC error, when it gets to the application's part of the screensavers, means you have no applications currently running that support the screensaver. You can set the BOINC screensaver time allotments to give more time to the simple worded lists of what you're current projects are but that's not very entertaining, I know.

Most appliccations that support CUDA will not have a working Screensaver. For now, if you want CUDA, you'll probably just have to do without the BOINC screensavers. If you want the SETI SS to work, you will need to run CPU workunits only. With Seti down 75% of the time now, you might not get enough work to satisfy you. The CUDA apps main purpose is speed and the SS will slow the progress of workunits. Most CUDA users don't want SSs as it defeats the purpose of using CUDA. Also be aware that the screensavers that do work, only show up when those applications are actively running, not when they are waiting to run. BOINC's SS program is a buggy beast at best.

I too tend to choose applications that reward my CPU time donated with screensavers. I currently run 35 different projects but give the priority to the ones that have SSs. I have done millions of points on BOINC in credit but those apps that don't have SSs generally only get small amounts of work from me (like MW). I too run some CUDA apps for the points but my PC CPUs are powerful enough to handle CUDA and the CPU SSs. A dual core could be a bit light for doing both CUDA and GPU workunits unless you manage it just right. If you bring up the topic of SSs in some forums, be prepared to get flamed by some power crunchers. It can be a hot topic of contention.

To be honest, with a dual core, the slow down caused by screensavers might bug you. I run a quad core and a hex core PCs and I tell BOINC to not give out one of the cores to applications. The screensavers and GPU workunits get the last unused core and therefore don't slow the progress much. Of course, with only 2 cores that method would limit you to using only 1 CPU and 1 GPU application at a time. Remember, CUDA workunits still take up CPU time too. If you try to use the screensaver with both cores going to CPU work units and a CUDA, your PC will be bogged down and the work progress will slow considerably.

If you like projects that have working screensavers, I'd suggest you try these till Milkyway gets theirs going...(Note all the ones that work listed here are not CUDA/GPU applications):

Docking@Home (One of the most reliable I've tried and my favorite)
Aqua@Home (Iquana work units only for SS to work)
CAS@Home (Kind of boring but functional)
Climate Prediction.Net (Nice customizable SS but very long workunits)
Einstein@Home (GPU SS is buggy on some PCs so stick to CPU SS)
Leiden Classical (SS is very boring but works)
Rosetta@Home (Very interesting SS works only for a while then dies on some PCs)
Seti (CPU only, GPU/CUDA has no SS)
Spinhenge@Home (Not paticulary intersting SS but works)
World Community Grid (A vast variety of projects and screensavers - Some are only partial screen)
Yoyo@Home (SSs work but are static and boring)

Several sites like QMC@Home, LHC@Home, MalariaControl.Net, Primegrid, RNA World had them but they were discontinued or no longer function. In some cases (like with LHC) running them will sometimes actually kill the existing workunit. RNA uses weird non-BOINC flash windows for their SS that can cause a ton of issues since they often don't open or close correctly. These sites no longer support the BOINC graphics although their home pages sometimes still have the screensaver info as if they are working.

Hope this helps......
7) Message boards : News : Visualization/Screensaver Work (Message 38655)
Posted 12 Apr 2010 by DGG
Yes Classic SETI was a unique beast. It was almost entirely designed to use graphics and was the first of its kind that got me started with grid computing. I've come and gone to doing work on BOINC and in sone ways I miss the old classic SETI. But at least since they've gone to BOINC more options are now available and a wide variety of projects allows me to hop around to others when one goes off-line or isn't quite what I want.

The BOINC world has become a very unique (and sometimes frustrating) place.
8) Message boards : News : Visualization/Screensaver Work (Message 38653)
Posted 12 Apr 2010 by DGG
In response to the "Don't screensavers slow down the processing?" type of questions earlier....

If crunching the most possible or racking up points the fastest is important to you in BOINC projects just don't use the windows screensaver or click the graphics button. It's that simple.

No processing time will be taken from the BOINC work if you don't run the screensaver or use your PC for anything other than BOINC. Screensavers don't use any crunching time if you don't run the screensaver.

The power crunchers who want everyone to run all their CPUs 100% of the time on BOINC and to continously upgrade to faster machines seem to forget that BOINC is not the main reason most people use their PC. Many of us aren't in for the points or the scores. It's just nice doing some science work while our PCs are otherwise IDLE. Most people run screensavers when their PC is idle whether thats a BOINC one or not. The power crunchers would have you believe you are doing some great injustice to the system by not dedicating your PC to BOINC. It's not the way most people use their PCs nor is it the main purpose of BOINC to run your PCs on it all the time. It's great that those persons contribute so much, but they often have no understanding of those of us who have other interests.

Also screensavers do immense good work at getting non BOINC people to sign up to a project and get more crunchers. Look at a blank screen. Would you ask what the person is running? Probably not. Look at an active screensaver with status remarks and people want to know what you are doing and how to also get started crunching too.

There is some slowdown in the work if you use the non-GPU versions of the apps with the screensaver turned on in Windows. That's any screensaver not just BOINc's. You'll see a big reduction in processing if you are using the GPU apps with the screensaver turned on. But the point is still the same. If you want the most processing, don't run a Windows screensaver or click on the graphics button in the BOINC manager. But if you aren't as concerned about whether you finish a project in 6 CPU hours or 8 CPU hours then you might want to use a screen saver to make your PC look nicer.

It's all personal choice when the project developers give you a screensaver option. Having that option does nothing to deter from the processing. If you don't want to use it just don't turn on the Windows Screensavers.
9) Message boards : News : Visualization/Screensaver Work (Message 38651)
Posted 12 Apr 2010 by DGG
OK thanks Eric....Looks like the screensaver project is dead in the water again.

This won't be the first time Milkyway has mentioned doing this and it doesn't happen. I realize you folks have bigger fish to fry but it always seems this gets put off. Then months later it's mentioned as being started again only to be put off again. That's the problem of not having enough people to manage the project properly. Most projects wouldn't be allowed to run with such a minimal staff in the business world but it seems all too common on BOINC. (Not your fault, though.)

But in the meantime I'll crunch some of the other projects that do reward their users with a nice looking screensaver that show the stats and entertains a bit. No boring blank desktops for me. Having one included gives all the people the option of choosing whether to run it or not. Not having it forces all running projects using BOINC screensavers to go blank during the time the non-screensaver WU is running. That's unfortunately a BOINC manager failure not yours. They should skip the non-screensaver projects from displaying instead of blanking the screen.

Thanks for the info though, rather than just leaving us hanging. It's appreciated. Communications is important with the users even if the news is bad news for some. It's good you're keeping us up to date and are honest about it instead of stringing us along.
10) Message boards : News : Visualization/Screensaver Work (Message 38601)
Posted 11 Apr 2010 by DGG
Hey Eric!

How's the screensaver work going? Any progress?

I'd give a lot more time to this project if it had a decent screen saver. Saw your notice a couple of months ago and am eagerly awaiting what you come up with.

Thanks for your work.

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