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1) Message boards : Number crunching : ATI HD5850 cooling fan dying? (Message 46320)
Posted 20 Feb 2011 by Patrick Harnett*
Well, after you take out all the the screws that hold the cooling fan and heat sink out from the back of the PCB, there are a set of small and tight screws that keep the cover and fan in place. I have pulled one of these to bits because the card had an internal problem, but the fan was still running fine. You might be able to get a replacement low-profile fan, or hunt for a dead second-hand card with working fan (I have a couple). An alternative, as the fan connection is still on the board is to get something that will mount on the face of the card an force air through - depends on the space in the case if you are using boxed mobo.
2) Message boards : News : Visualization/Screensaver Work (Message 38609)
Posted 11 Apr 2010 by Patrick Harnett*
I like the idea of option #2, with some of the #3 elements if not too hard to add - hard to visualise what I'm contributing to. While I have MWay running on GPU, I still have CPU cycles that run it as well. Plus, if a screensaver came up that used Gflops of resources, that would kind of detract from doing the science piece.

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