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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Run Multiple WU's on Your GPU (Message 57915)
Posted 13 Apr 2013 by Profileveebee
I am using the following app_INFO.xml file, after much fiddling and searching, with no real luck, one of my team mates gave me a copy of his which is now humming along quite nicely in two machines ( though a little slow on a 5850..about to receive the 6950 which came out of the main rig)...

I have 6 Milkyway WU's running on the 7950 in one of my i7's (my main rig , which also has an nVidia 660Ti, running 6 POEM WU's concurrently), with the MW Wu's taking about 4 minutes or so.




what I WOULD like to know, if someone has been testing etc, is this:

Does the processing time improve at all with increasing the clock speed or memory speed on the GPU ?
I am sure I remember something a while back which ( although different projects ARE benefited) said that GPU's could even be under-clocked and voltages reduced a bit (to reduce heat) for MW on a GPU...

Thanks in advance,

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Radeon 6790 - no double precision - impossible! (Message 51681)
Posted 12 Nov 2011 by Profileveebee
Yes Peter... gotta be careful mate.

I had 2 x 4770's running (still have them here in the "useful parts" drawer) and they are dbl precision.

I have 2 x 5850's in my other i7-920 and when I went to "add to" (new MSI X58- Pro E board has 3 slots)these 4770's, I checked every 6xxx series card AT the AMD site for which were dbl precision.

Settled on the 6950.... problem is, the 650 W PSU wont drive the 6950 plus even ONE of the 4770's !

(also, watch ut with multiple GPU's if you ever run Moo, as it uses both in the one WU and waits until the slower one finishes before starting...)

Sadly, unless you are happy to use that card on other projects which dont require dbl precision (or more so "need" it) you will have to try to sell that one and upgrade... chalk it down to experience.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : WU Waiting for validation for 1 month ??? (Message 40380)
Posted 14 Jun 2010 by Profileveebee
Just wondering if the bunch of WU's I have awaiting validation are in the same boat ...

this is just one of them: 96023320 , and they are all of a similar "number", from when I still had the GTX 260 in that i7.

Now has a 5850 - hope changing the card hasn't caused the problem....
4) Message boards : Number crunching : dual 4770's... only running one card (Message 36273)
Posted 5 Feb 2010 by Profileveebee

I should have remembered about "dummy plugs" etc, as they (and the dual ATI card scenario) were a recent discussion on our team forum ..

connected a spare monitor, restarted boinc client and BANG !

Both working !

Problem Solved thank you very much !

If you were in our team I could give you "+1 Aussie Karma".. , but sadly you are not in Boinc@Australia.

Thanks again for your help everyone !
.. now, back to the cricket, my chardonnay and Jatz crackers with ham, cheese and tomato !
5) Message boards : Number crunching : dual 4770's... only running one card (Message 36271)
Posted 5 Feb 2010 by Profileveebee
Cricket is a disaster !

now, back to the problem at hand...

I have never had dual ATI cards before... the "crossfire" scenario - does this require some sort of 'cable" / wire between the cards ?

when I did the nVidia dual cards (running collatz) no connection was required.

I do not have any form of connecting "wire"/ cable to go between the cards.. nothing other than a video cable, and power-adaptor connection, and DVI to VGA connector came with both cards...

if they dont work this way (both cards simply installed inot the PC) I will pull the gtx 275 for the time being.

if I definitiely need this crossfire connector, where do I get one? should be standard inclusion in box !
6) Message boards : Number crunching : dual 4770's... only running one card (Message 36267)
Posted 5 Feb 2010 by Profileveebee
My config file is as follows:


I will try a re-install of drivers..

(after a cpl glasses of wine and watching some of the cricket.. Aussies are gonna smash Pakistan.. again !)

will post results after driver reinstall. cheers !
7) Message boards : Number crunching : dual 4770's... only running one card (Message 36265)
Posted 5 Feb 2010 by Profileveebee
After running a GTX275 and a GTS250 together in one of my i7's, I was stoked at the ability to use two GPU at once.
I DID have to create/ insert a cc-config file before they would work though.

Now I have found that cheapp 4770's leave even the gtx 275 for dead, so I put the gtx 275 into another i7 and put (initialluy) one 4770 into the original i7.
today another 4770 arived mysteriously on my doorstep .. so I put the second one into the i7 with the other 4770.

So, now have 2 in there, but BOINC still only seeing one.

I Checked that the cc-config file is till in boinc data folder... even "read config file" and shut-down/ restarted boinc client..

still only sees/ runs one card.

pleeez help ??
8) Message boards : Number crunching : And if we DONT run a "FASTER" App.? (Message 5913)
Posted 4 Nov 2008 by Profileveebee
so, the 108 credit per hour "limit".. does it apply to each core, or each "whole" computer, or each "user" as a whole ?

just want to know so I can set the right amount of wu's without crunching for nothing....
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Improved App will be released on Halloween (Message 5670)
Posted 31 Oct 2008 by Profileveebee
Hi Milksop, we at Cruncher Junkies also are awaiting the improved application.

good work mate !
10) Message boards : Number crunching : I think you made your point !! (Message 5533)
Posted 17 Oct 2008 by Profileveebee
[quote]No arguments left? Now it comes down to spelling?

@ Cluster Physik .. I never made any arguments on a technical level myself.. I am not qualified to do so.

I just like "stirring the pot"... much more fun than boring old boards where everyone agrees with each other...

Just having some fun ! you guys should all lighten up a bit and try doing the same.


P.S: I am all for whatever it takes to improve the efficiency of the application and the project as a whole
11) Message boards : Number crunching : I think you made your point !! (Message 5495)
Posted 16 Oct 2008 by Profileveebee

Here in Germany we have a lot of complaints about the lack of reading comprehension of pupils and students. Now I know this appears to be a general problem all over the world ;)

Mate, you need to put your obvious technical talents to work, but not here...

Before you go making statements like that above, run YOUR OWN posts through a "reading, writing and comprehension " program.

If I was a teacher... I would be putting numerous red circles through your "work" here...

naughty boy !
12) Message boards : Number crunching : I think you made your point !! (Message 5465)
Posted 14 Oct 2008 by Profileveebee
Yeah ! ... wot Zed said !


Zed..Kill boy ! kill ...
13) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Team Recruitment thread - CLOSED (Message 5327)
Posted 6 Oct 2008 by Profileveebee
OK !! the updated website and forum are GO !

So... CRUNCHERS of the world - a new team has evolved . . .

whose aim is to unite Crunching junkies from around the world. We are inviting those of you who are looking for a team whose primary goal is to crunch the heck out of
our favourite projects.

We are based in Australia, and whilst our team is new, our group of founding members have been crunching for a number of years, with quite an impressive RAC for a team who has just started.

Feel free to come over and have a look at our website and forum, and we are also looking for those who wish to contribute in "productive" way, to help with ideas AND the continual process of developing and maintaing a great, interactive forum.

Our Website is HERE and the forum can be accessed from there. We also have a channel on IRC at Dalnet, where we are online basically 24/7.

So if being in a team where you have a say, your opinion is valued and we encourage each other to contribute in ALL aspects of the team... maybe you just come and have a peek.
Once you contribute in at least one project, you have access to all areas of the forum, so just join in one project, crunch away and come and say Hi

Team Recruitment Officer
14) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Team Recruitment thread - CLOSED (Message 5294)
Posted 3 Oct 2008 by Profileveebee
CRUNCHER JUNKIES is a brand new international team based out of Australia.

We were all members of one of the top 10 teams in the world, but have decided to start from scratch, and develop a team that encourages and seeks input from ALL members - with the aim of making "crunching" fun, and even MORE addictive than it already is !

Although our team website is still under Construction (any help welcomed..) you can come visit us HERE and we are also on IRC chat, nearly 24/7 at irc://dalnet/cruncher-junkies ...

so come and visit us, better still - come join us, and make crunching an adventure again !

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