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1) Message boards : News : another change for the maximum time limit elapsed bug (Message 48672)
Posted 10 May 2011 by Gumpokc
5/10/2011 1:04:36 AM Milkyway@home Starting de_nbody_orphan_test_2model_4_20631_1304909701_1
5/10/2011 1:04:36 AM Milkyway@home Starting task de_nbody_orphan_test_2model_4_20631_1304909701_1 using milkyway_nbody version 40
5/10/2011 1:04:41 AM Milkyway@home Computation for task de_nbody_orphan_test_2model_4_20631_1304909701_1 finished

doing the exact same thing ever since nbody 40 came out.
I've tried setting it so I don't even get nbody's anymore, but it keeps downloading them.
I'm going to drop MW@H, maybe i'll check back in 6 months and see if things have been worked out.
2) Message boards : News : N-body updated to 0.40 (Message 46971)
Posted 5 Apr 2011 by Gumpokc
That may be, but if so it's a really new problem.

I've woken up to check things several times, and gotten home from work to find error windows spammed all over the place. I'm just going to shut MW@H down for abit. If the problem gets corrected, then I'll pick it backup, if not, I'll drop MW@H, I don't see any other choices.
3) Message boards : News : N-body updated to 0.40 (Message 46912)
Posted 2 Apr 2011 by Gumpokc
I am having the exact same problem, for roughly the last 3-5 days. EVERY nbody_orphan test unit fails within 3-6 seconds.

running windows vista home premium, intel quad core 2.66

Everytime the workunits crash it leaves 32 closed error windows.
Tonight i checked here and found this thread.
First i reset the project...no change.
Then I manually downloaded the nbody, dll's, and pthreads.....no change
I do not have a app_info.xml file in any boinc directory, not even in hidden directories, and I am not sure on what all needs to be in it, so I did not try that as a fix.

I am considering shutting down M@H for a week or two to see if the workunit bugs can be worked out.

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