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1) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Everything England, and everything else ;) (Message 7547)
Posted 8 Dec 2008 by EvoDude
Just a wee correction frae a 'British' Scot.

You have two picks showing Parliament photos, one showing our 'British' Royal family and the other shows the 'British' Red Arrows Display Team.

Hardly a little corner of England! But we in Scotland are used to this confusion!

Happy crunching guys - from another 'British' team
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Connectivity (Message 5179)
Posted 4 Sep 2008 by EvoDude
OK -- we are live here as well -- I did kill off a few workunits that were going overdue. I also added a two new workstations from my farm into the mix.

Sorry about that guys. I'll have to seriously reconsider rebooting the machine from now on since one of the libraries apparently becomes unlinked. Hope all is well now.

All working perfectly again Dave. Thanks to yourself and the team.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Connectivity (Message 5174)
Posted 4 Sep 2008 by EvoDude
I'm sure Dave is giving his best to solve the problem.

No need to put more pressure on him.

Hey, I love those cheerleaders! They always give you a comfortable feeling - even when everything goes down around you.

Hahaha thank you guys! Well I've passed this onto our labstaff because we're getting an error with one of the libstdc++ static libraries. So they'v got to fix it. They're usually right on top of things. I'll try to expedite...sorrrry!!

OK Dave, WU's are downloading and going to the pending side now at least on my box's. Both windoz, xp pro64 and xpsp3

Same here Dave - well done guys. I trust new WU's will start being sent out soon too.

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