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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Updated GPU Requirements (Message 67966)
Posted 27 Dec 2018 by RaymondFO*
In windows 10 home and pro their default drivers from Microsoft do not support openCL and many users could believe this as unsupportable hardware. There are legacy drivers from GPU vendors dating back to windows Vista that do support OpenCL and should be useable. AMD call them Legacy drivers. Perhaps this issue exists in Vista and 7.

Which is why whenever Windows 10 does one of their automatic updates for the video driver, no GPU task will run because of now I have a "GPU not found" error message in BOINC message window. This is solved by just going to the NVIDIA or AMD website and download their drivers. Once installed, all should be well again.

Thank you Microsoft for making life harder.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti vs AMD RX Vega 64 (Message 66784)
Posted 17 Nov 2017 by RaymondFO*
Depends what BOINC project you want to crunch. No one video card can do everything on all projects. For MW, the AMD card is the better alternative over NVIDIA card (1080) since NVIDIA cards DP abilities are inferior to AMD. Go here http://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/gpu_list.php for a general comparison of video cards performance for MW@home.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Trouble with a Titan Black (Message 66783)
Posted 17 Nov 2017 by RaymondFO*
The key is to run seven (7) task concurrently since approximately 14% of the TITAN GPU core is used for one MW task. Running seven (7) at the same time with DP enabled gets you around 99% GPU utilization and then will the card start to match or outperform a 7970 or 280x card.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Original Titan, scoring poorly, need help (Message 63935)
Posted 17 Sep 2015 by RaymondFO*
I have been using Radeon 280X's, and they all can complete one Milkyway@home v1.02 task in less than 24 seconds.

I have acquired an original GeForce Titan, and the double precision according to Wikipedia should be at LEAST 30% more than the 280X, but instead of <24 seconds, a single task requires 220-390 seconds, as well as a significant increase in CPU time.

Are the opencl_nvidia tasks not as optimized as the opencl_amd_ati tasks? Is there some configuration file I need to optimize?

Running multiple MW tasks raises the card's utilization from mid 70% to 99%, but the length of the individual tasks likewise increases (as expected).

Anyone have a solution to make a Titan run as it should on MW?

The problem with the TITAN's running MW tasks is that each task will only take up about 14% of the GPU and you will need to install an app_info file telling the computer to run 7 or 8 MW tasks concurrently. It is your decision how many should run concurrently at any time however by doing that you will find the TITAN card can produce competitive results and achieve superior GPU optimization. Try not to engage the double precision ("DP") feature in the NVIDIA control panel as while the does give better DP performance numbers, it also slows down the clock speed and negates the DP benefit for MW tasks.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Some "strange" crunchers (Message 62488)
Posted 6 Oct 2014 by RaymondFO*
There is a limit of how may tasks can be downloaded. Whether you set your cache to 1 day, 5 days or 50 days, you are maxed out. Having a cache setting of zero ("0") is just that, having no other tasks pending waiting to be crunched or just have a task(s) ready to go since another task is almost completed.

Some possible explanations are, but not all:

1) Potential spammer trying to build up enough credits or just trying to make the account look "real";

2) Someone downloaded the tasks and should not have and was forced or had to "abort" the tasks; or

3) Someone trying to disrupt the projects operations.

This appears to be systemic and needs to be investigated.
6) Message boards : News : scheduler update (Message 58708)
Posted 11 Jun 2013 by RaymondFO*
Just got GPU tasks!

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