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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Jan 24 credit change complaints/comments here (Message 9069)
Posted 25 Jan 2009 by BLUWOLF
Here are some novel ideas...You the project want my computing power..
I want the max credits that I can get for my donated time and money to you for credits that don't cost you anything and are worthless for anything but bragging rights....Some give the project optimized applications and help with the code.

Now here is our reward for making more science information being done sooner...

1. You lower my credits to keep me and others in line with othere projects that have nothing in common with your project.

2. You cut my credits in half in the name of credit comparison because DA gets pissed.

3. You change the application code on me 4 times in one week while I am out of town and have no way to change my computers over to use the new application and they run for 3 days idle.

4. When you get help with the new optimized applications, you reward us by still cutting our credits or changing the application again.

I don't know about you folks but this looks kind of like how some forms of government treats its folks.. Not good.

Now I must ask this one question... What else but high credits and Science would make me want to stay on this project?


i agree with D.D. i spend my money to pay for the power to run my pc's to aide this project. just to turn around in the last week change the stock app 4 times. an then get slapped in the face with a cut in credits per w/u. im a retire mechanic, i got paid for work done. an if i logged more work in less time. i still got paid for the full job. I.E. if the book call for a water pump to removed an replaced 8hrs an. i did it in 2and a half hrs . i still got paid for that 8hrs. i would work 40hrs aweek but i got paid for 56-60hrs. because would do my work to opt my time an the job would be done right the first time.an if the customer got there care back faster. they were happy that there cars was returned sooner than. was promised. an they didnt say so it was done sooner. im only pay you for the 2 hrs it took. they paid the full price. an that is what you guys should do. an dont be punish me because my pc is working smarter an not harder.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : New faster application? (Message 8430)
Posted 16 Jan 2009 by BLUWOLF
has any one checked the sse2 out too see if its working right

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