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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Oops, capacitor catastrophic failure (Message 74047)
Posted 1 hour ago by .clair.
Are you shure that 5KT44 is a solid `dry` capitulator ?
not just an ordinary `wet` electrolytic in a metal can .
Well this is milkyway@home , you just made the next universe big bang . . . .
Good photo .
TCP = Tom Cats Piss :-)
What make and motherboard waz it
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Validation inconclusive (Message 73986)
Posted 18 days ago by .clair.
The show aint over until the fat lady runs out of time :-),
one from my arkives
If any of it is wrong , I blame some one else . . .
And will place a firm leap second in your integers :
Remember Y2k
Well it's not over , yet

2020: January 1: Systems still using 1920 as pivot date fail; Macintoshes running System 6.0.4 or earlier - correct date can no longer be set in Date & Time Control Panel
2030: January 1: Systems still using 1930 as pivot date fail.
2036: January 1: Burroughs Unisys A Series system date fails?
2036: February 6: 2^32 seconds from Jan 1, 1900.
2037: January 1: Rollover date for NTP systems
2038: January 19: Unix: 2^31 seconds from Jan 1, 1970
2040: February 6: At 06:28:16, old Macs' longword seconds from Jan 1, 1904 overflow.
2042: September 17: IBM 370 TOD clock overflows. One source lists this as the 18th (?)
2044: January 1: MS-DOS: 2^6 years from 1980, setting the most significant bit (MSB). Signed variables using this get a negative date.
2046: January 1: Amiga system date failure
2046: June 8: Some Unix password aging fails; 62^2 weeks from 1970.
2049: December 31: Microsoft Project 95 limit.
2078: December 31: MS Excel 7.0 - the last day
2079: June 6: 2^16 days from January 1, 1900
2080: January 1: MS-DOS file dates, displayed with two-digit years, become ambiguous.
2100: Y2.1K; most current PC BIOSes run out of dates; MS-DOS <DIR> renders the file-date years 2100 through 2107 as 99.
2100: February 28: last day of February - NOT a leap year
2106: February 7: Unix: 2^32 seconds from Jan 1, 1970; time overflows at 06:28:16.
2108: January 1: MS-DOS 2^7 years from 1980; file date overflows
2738: November 28: Approximate day of A.D. 1 million (days)
4338: November 28: COBOL-85 integer day 1,000,000 (10^6) exceeds six-digit field
9999: HTTP caching fails.
10000: January 1: Y10K!! Four-digit years fail. More time will elapse between the time this document was written and this date than has elapsed from the beginning of modern human civilization until now.
29602: January 1: MS Windows NT File Systems (NTFS) fails.
29940: New Macs' signed 64-bit time fails (has been OK since 30,081 B.C.!!)
31086: July 31: Internal DEC VMS time fails at 02:48:05.47
60056: Win32 64-bit time fails (started from Jan 1, 1601)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Validation inconclusive (Message 73885)
Posted 21 Jun 2022 by .clair.
Yes , new work is arriving . zero`s and the odd `one`
ok , so maybe I am an `odd one` :-)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Run Multiple WU's on Your GPU (Message 73871)
Posted 19 Jun 2022 by .clair.
Is it safe to run more than 1 task if GPU usage is sitting between 70 and 76%? Each task is running for 102 seconds on average

Yes , you will see a good increase in throughput ,
BUT , keep an eye on GPU temperature , don't let them go above 70c long term 60c is better ,
and less is even better .
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Validation inconclusive (Message 73864)
Posted 19 Jun 2022 by .clair.
Well , I have just done some _3 and _4 , but there are only 477 left `unsent`
I hope the N-Body Simulation work generator has set its alarm clock for work in the morning :-)
At the moment it is not even showing to have one on the server status page !!
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Many GPUs (Message 73845)
Posted 15 Jun 2022 by .clair.
You are MAD ;-))
It helps put the day in . . .
Well , may as well crunch boinc coz bitcoin etc is not worth much today .
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Validation inconclusive (Message 73813)
Posted 10 Jun 2022 by .clair.
Some of the work units I have just validate are #2 , made on 15th March , only 2.1 million left .
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Efficiency improvement by larger GPU tasks? (Message 73713)
Posted 26 May 2022 by .clair.
was there something like more than 5 jobs in a workunit causes the command line parameters to overflow / run out of space
or was that something else ?
9) Message boards : News : Nbody WU Flush (Message 73271)
Posted 3 May 2022 by .clair.
Well, based on the number of Nbody WUs that are waiting to be sent, it looks like the WUs that need re-validation were kicked back to the surface! I'm going to let things run.
If you wind up with problems getting work, please let me know and I will figure something out.
If we can just let this run then I think all those "stuck" WUs will finally be processed, although it will take a while for people to work through 11M of them...

Seems like a good time to leave the nbody_work_generator offline for a while till the 11M backlog gets crunched
10) Message boards : Number crunching : 1 of my 6 nodes, keeps timing out. (Message 73078)
Posted 23 Apr 2022 by .clair.
Looking at the time the server gave you to compleat the tasks , you do return them quickly ,
the difference between `sent` and `deadline` was only 90 minits , crazy short deadline , no chance to crunch them
most tasks have a deadline of several days .
11) Message boards : Number crunching : WUs stucks with 'Completed, validation inconclusive' status (Message 72984)
Posted 18 Apr 2022 by .clair.
The deadlines are remarkably generous.....

The N-Body Simulation I have atm have a 12 day deadline .
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Validation inconclusive (Message 72902)
Posted 16 Apr 2022 by .clair.
@Keith Myers
Did`nt know that , thank you , saves looking through long lists .
13) Message boards : News : Server Downtime March 28, 2022 (12 hours starting 00:00 UTC) (Message 72897)
Posted 16 Apr 2022 by .clair.

I think that is either a smiley walking through a snowstorm or
Mikey dozent know that if he wants to deleat a post during the edit hour then ,
deleat all text then put only two blank spaces , post it , and the post self destructs , vanishd
Though you may have to clean the sticky bits off the screen afterwards :-)
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Validation inconclusive (Message 72797)
Posted 14 Apr 2022 by .clair.
Unfortunately the amount of people processing N-Body seems to be declining which is the opposite of what we need.

On the server status page in the "Tasks by application" section , for the n-body tasks it states "Users in last 24 hours" of only 138 ,
Am I reading it wrong ?
is their realy only 138 crunchers doing n-body ? {however many computers they have got}
If so , no wunder it is taking so long to reduce the que , even with the reduction that haz been done today .
15) Message boards : News : Server Trouble (Message 72618)
Posted 9 Apr 2022 by .clair.
Is the mortality rate for GPUs any higher than CPUs when running tasks such as this? With their sky high price these days it's a costly piece of hardware to lose.

I've never lost a gpu in 20 years of using them. Only thing that can break is the cooling solution. And replacement fans or conversion to water blocks is the solution.
What's the oldest GPU you've ever still had running?

I have HD4650 {AGP slot and XP32} running MooWraper that runs cool and overclocked {tick , tick , tick , boom . . . . }
But here on MW I had two 7970`s cook , I always kept temps below 70c , though they where the single fan `hair drier` kind , now I prefer to keep temps below 60c for longer life
The bottom of a set of three on the mobo slots was {still workz ok} a twin fan , now I wont but any single fan `coffin` coolers on high power cards.
And replacement fans from ebay china have always worked for me {most fit ok}
16) Message boards : News : Server Trouble (Message 72540)
Posted 6 Apr 2022 by .clair.
On the server status page everything is running .
17) Message boards : News : Server Downtime March 28, 2022 (12 hours starting 00:00 UTC) (Message 72382)
Posted 31 Mar 2022 by .clair.
... sorry, forgot to take my sunglasses off !
Sorry, I'm from Scotland. What is "sun"?

I think that will be `sun microsystems` they do computer stuff ;-)
Today here in Cumbria its been snowing little snowballs and the mountain tops are with with it .
18) Message boards : News : New NBody Runs! (Message 72335)
Posted 30 Mar 2022 by .clair.
So, new issue. I just buildt a new system and added Bonic, and am getting the message from this project that "N-Body Simulation needs 50.00MB more disk space. You currently have 0.00 available and it needs 50.00MB." I have 20gig available for use by Bonic and cannot figure out where the additional 50mb needs to be configured. Can anyone assist?Ron

We had this problem over at rosetta@home where the disk space used by the python projects is very big
From the `options` tab of boinc manager , then `computing preferences` then `disk and memory` tab , try setting it at
Use no more than - 100 GB - {Just set this to something BIG}
Leave at least - 0.01 GB free
Use no more than - 99.9 % of total

Boinc will only use what it needs
This is from my thread on the problem over at Rosetta@home
19) Message boards : News : Server Downtime March 25, 2022 (24 hours starting 17:00 UTC) (Message 72237)
Posted 24 Mar 2022 by .clair.
I still have many Separation tasks from 30 Jan 2021 on my tasks page , either `Completed and validated` or `Completed, validation inconclusive`
I have hundreds of them , if others have the same this may clog up the database a bit ,
I don't know what it would take to clear them out , though it may help .
20) Message boards : News : Server Outages (Message 71814)
Posted 24 Feb 2022 by .clair.
Thanks for letting us know. I've just found another of those rare old DP cards, four running MW now. The smoother things run, the more we can get done.
Five. A good way to get MW cards is to search Ebay for faulty ones. Fans are easy to replace, power connectors can be resoldered, and the one I've just ordered (providing the seller can make Furmark run ok) is less than half price {b]because there's 2 irritating blue vertical bands down the screen on all outputs[/b]. This doesn't matter for crunching. Was it odd for me to feel sorry for the sick card?

That's odd , I recently looked at a card on ebay that had that fault in the description and wondered if it would affect gpu work on Milkyway ,
I chickened out and bought an other XFX7970 , one described as having noisy fans , Yes, ebay china has fans for most cards :-)

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