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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Donating to Milkyway@Home (Message 29263)
Posted 12 Aug 2009 by Rapture
Thanks for the great update! It is much appreciated. In fact, this has inspired me to return to this project after a long absence!
2) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : MilkyWay companion project (Message 8559)
Posted 18 Jan 2009 by Rapture
If you mean another astronomy project, then I highly recommend Cosmology@home. This project has a great website and a great support team to help you. So take a look here!

3) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : SDSS Stripe 82 searches (Message 3556)
Posted 28 May 2008 by Rapture
I just started a search using data from SDSS stripe 82 which is the set of data we used in the paper we just got accepted to ApJ. This is a well studied piece of data that is along the Celestial Equator in the South Galactic Cap.

The Celestial Equator is an extension of the Earth's equator and defines the Equatorial Coordinate system seen below.

The graphics of the seach area is excellent! What made you decide to start with this area? Is there a particular area search that you want to cover for this upcoming run?
4) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : What's on the agenda? (Message 3555)
Posted 28 May 2008 by Rapture

For anyone that is interested in a complete discussion of what is going on here at Milkyway@home and how the results can be used, you can find a complete discussion in there. I do warn that it's pretty dense, though.

Even though the paper is technical, I suggest you post a summary here that crunchers and the general public can understand.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Hard to get new work ! (Message 1264)
Posted 2 Jan 2008 by Rapture
Abort the transfers on those that don't D/L. Means essentially manually getting work. Slow but it works.

Here is another method of handling this problem. I have selected 'no new tasks' under 'projects' tab. This will prevent getting any new work units. In the meantime, my queue of currently available workunits were successfully completed and the results manually returned to the project server. Right now, I do not have any workunits in the pipeline for this project to crunch. I am waiting for the people who run this project to fix it. When this is fixed (hopefully soon) I will select 'allow new tasks' to get all downloaded workunits without any download problems. If this problem takes longer to resolve, then I will have to manually get work.
6) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : New Sky Survey Released (Message 1043)
Posted 13 Dec 2007 by Rapture

Do you think this will be of use to MilkyWay@home?

I have read the article. This is a very important milestone in our understanding of the Milky Way Galaxy. Any new information about our own galaxy will be of tremendous help for this project! There is no limit to what this project can pursue because the possibilities are endless.

Ideally, I would like to see a complete 3-D picture of the Milky Way Galaxy with all of its estimated 200 billion stars!
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Started Particle Swarm Searches (Message 881)
Posted 2 Dec 2007 by Rapture
I did not notice the difference in the workunit names until you mentioned this in your posting. I can see that there is alot going on here in this project even though most of it is transparent to the users. By the way, what is the difference between genetic search and particle swarm search?
8) Questions and Answers : Windows : Work Units with Computation Error (Message 385)
Posted 11 Nov 2007 by Rapture
Whenever a work unit aborts due to computation error, a Windows message appears stating that I must manually acknowledge the status before any more work can resume.

Please fix the Windows application so that this will not require any manual intervention by the user. This means that the next work unit will immediately start crunching!
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Computational Errors (Message 337)
Posted 10 Nov 2007 by Rapture
For the first time, four recently downloaded workunits were processing normally for about 15 seconds until a computational error arose. Then these work units were marked as 'complete' and sent back to the server when the next communication was made.

What is the cause of this computational error?
10) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : Goal (Message 334)
Posted 10 Nov 2007 by Rapture
This is an excellent project introduction! By the way, I have viewed the sample simulation of tidal disruption. I suggest that this would make an excellent screensaver! I also suggest making the screensaver with two galaxies moving and merging at the same time.

With this project, it does not have to be limited to tidal debris but could branch out into other possibilities.
11) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Project Preferences (Message 291)
Posted 9 Nov 2007 by Rapture
Hi, we're still in pretty alpha/beta mode so things aren't running perfectly yet. i don't think we've specified the application to be in test mode so i think it should download work units and process them. let me know :)

My first day while attached to this project has given me very many work units! At first, this was overwhelming but my computer has been processing all of them. I did receive some work units that did not download successfully and was immediately marked as 'complete' which my computer send the client errors back to the server. But most of my work units did download successfully. Right now, I have marked this project not to get any more new work units until the task queue becomes more managable and then I will resume fetching new tasks when they become available.
12) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Project Preferences (Message 250)
Posted 9 Nov 2007 by Rapture
Hi! I became a new member tonight! After registering, I noticed that I have the option of selecting my computer to run test applications but the jobs could fail. So I chose 'NO' for that option.

Will this option determine whether I will get any work units? Is the current Windows 1.07 application for this project in test mode?


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