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1) Message boards : News : Separation Project Coming To An End (Message 75862)
Posted 22 Jun 2023 by Magiceye04

We would appreciate your input on this because we expect that it will probably take some time for GPU-oriented users to swap that hardware over to different projects. How long would you like us to wait before we shut down Separation?

It takes 10 seconds to switch to another project.
Just do it and don't let people who do not read the forum waste their resources!
2) Message boards : News : Server Outages (Message 71501)
Posted 13 Dec 2021 by Magiceye04
Thank you!

Idea: not send out new work until the pile is gone.
3) Message boards : News : Validator Outage (Message 71480)
Posted 12 Dec 2021 by Magiceye04
Wouldn't it be a good idea to give the validator some air to breathe?
I will stop working until the problem is fixed.
4) Message boards : News : New Poll Regarding GPU Application of N-Body (Message 71120)
Posted 18 Sep 2021 by Magiceye04
I would be very happy to see longer running work units on GPUs. Especially on high performance AMD cards (with a lot of double precision performance) i have to run several WUs in parallel, which causes driver issues.
I got some Fixed by AMD, but not all.
If i could run a N-Body WU on my GPU and it takes several hours and loads the GPU well, it would be great.

The comparison specifically preformed was between a i9-10900k and RTX 3070, using all available compute cores for both.

When is is the comparison, then AMD cards with a lot of double precision performance should do well, as well as Nvidia cards. A 3070 has roughly 0.3 TFlop double precision performance. A 10900K should turn out the same, since memory bandwith is limited on the CPU.
I would expect a R9 280X to be 3 times as fast as a 3070 then.

I totally agree.
Even with 4 WUs in parallel my VII finishes the WUs in less than 1 minute.
Why are the WUs so short?

In my opinion a new GPU app makes only sense if the work is done more efficient then on the CPU.
My VII and the 3950X are set both to ~90W and in this config I would expect the VII to be at minimum 2-3x faster then the 32 CPU threads. Otherwise the next jump from AMD to 32 CPU cores for the consumer platform would make this advantage for the GPU obsolete. Threadripper already have more CPU cores, but also much more power consumption.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : 80 WU limit (Message 67585)
Posted 9 Jun 2018 by Magiceye04
I would be happy about 80 WUs.
Also about 4 WUs.
But i only get 1. This means, the GPU is more or less in idle state.
How do i get more than 1 ?
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Again a lot of inconclusive WU (Message 67584)
Posted 9 Jun 2018 by Magiceye04
I run several hosts, differents CPU/GPU and drivers. All are visible.
About 50% of my WU finish in "inconclusive"
Reset project not change anything.
Who can explain ?

The proper phrase is "Validation inconclusive". It means they have not been compared with the results from other users. About half of mine are in that status too. That will eventually be compared, and usually validated.

But the correct state for this would be "waiting for validation" like in other projects. Why is using Milkyway this misunderstanding state that is normally used, when 2 PCs deliver different results - and therfore really need a 3rd or 4th run?

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