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Welcome to Milkyway And All Darest Chess Page (MAAD Chess!!!)

For everyone who is a fan of studying the majestic game of chess and chess theory. Learning chess openings can help you increase your rating because you are playing in familiar territory. I am passionate both about science and chess and hope that one day we can use projects with BOINC to learn things about complex games like chess. After all, chess does have more unique complex positions than there are atoms in the universe, right?

Either way, if you are like me, a fan of this beautiful game and are interested in improving. Join my team, and let's make some credits. You can also follow me on Chessable (send me a PM), and we can compete on the leaderboards. I am currently learning the chess books by John Bartholomew and Chessexplained.

In other news about me, I also like going outdoors for a hike, spending time in nature and reading the news as well as science books. My favorite sites are Hacker News, Reddit, and National Geographic. Of course, in chess sites I spend a lot of time playing Blitz on chess.com and lichess!

Now let me tell you about why I think mapping and researching the Milky Way Galaxy Model is important for Science and Progress! Maybe then you'll join my team? :)

When you look up in the sky on a clear dark night, you will see faint band of light running across. The band of light is the Milky Way which is our own galaxy. When viewed through binoculars, the Milky Way is a magnificent sight containing thousands of stars and other objects besides. Throughout history, human beings have looked up in the sky in order to decide when to plant crops.

It helps detect stealth planets

Detecting weak distortions in space is very hard since electromagnetic radiation used should be incredibly pure. Technology can be licensed to detect stealth planes with an aim of helping pilots detect turbulence at ease.

Allows for fluid dynamic simulations

Astrologists understand how galaxies work by solving equations. Nowadays, a computer program such as BOINC helps in solving equations quickly and with high level of accuracy.

It helps in scientific and medical imaging

Astronomers often struggle to see objects that are far away while doctors struggle to see things that are obscured in a human body. Accurate, detailed and high resolution images are required by both disciplines. Over the years, algorithms and image techniques have helped scientists develop exceptional toolkits for calibrating and improving images. It’s not a surprise that a wide range of these techniques have already been adopted in medical field.

It helps everyday life

There are many things that human beings encounter on a daily basis that were originally derived from astronomical technology. The commonly used invention is (WLAN) Wide Local Area Network. Other technologies that were originally developed for astronomy are X-ray, Gas Chromatograph and Gamma Ray Spectrometer.

Ping me if you want more info. Thanks.
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