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Description Happy birthday images After I had explained what had happened, he took my trembling hand and said, "First you pull out, we have to wash your things." I did, he gave me one of his sleeping suits and stuffed my clothes into the washing machine. Next to it was a tumble dryer, so I could really put my things back in a short time. My mother washed everything with her hand, so she was always angry when we came home with dirty shirts and pants. Mario had clearly fewer problems than me, although he did not have it easy either. With him the difficulties lay on a different level. He lived with his father, his mother had disappeared a few years ago, without saying goodbye, somewhere a postcard from Italy had come, explaining that she was now happy and satisfied with another man.

Happy birthday images We sat down in his room and discussed the matter. He was sure Sandra would keep his mouth shut. I was only afraid, terrible fear. I wanted to die. Mario looked at his watch and said, "My dad comes home in three hours, until your things are dry, when are you expected?" "I'm not going home, I'd rather die." "John, stop spinning, it will be all right, Sandra does not tell you what happened, no one will know you were there, you have clean and dry clothes, something has been played somewhere, that's all. And finally you did not intentionally hurt her eye. " "She could die of it, what do I know, but in any case, the right eye is slipping, so I can not live, I'm so tired."

He put his arm around my shoulders. Happy birthday images John, please listen to me, right?" "You're going to lie down in my bed and try to sleep for an hour or so, I find out what's going on with Sandra, I just ring the door as if I wanted to visit her I'm going to go to the hospital and try to find out if I know anything about it at most two hours. I nodded. Mario was a friend, a real friend, he was always very prudent and acted thoughtfully, and whatever he suggested could not be wrong. Besides, I was hardly able to decide for myself. I lay down in his bed and he disappeared.

I did not think I could sleep, but within two minutes I was either asleep or kicked out of my body. The last thing I could remember later was that I was crying and whispered, "Is there no salvation? A salvation! I was back in the playground, no one but me was there. I went to the street and she was empty. Few parked cars, no people happy birthday images. No voices, no engine noise. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I began to wander, went down into the subway station. All the lamps were lit. The red clocks were circling around the platform. Not a soul in sight. No sound except the soft sighing of the wind in the tunnel. Happy birthday images.
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