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Do You Need a Physical Address For Your Business?

A couple of years ago, every business has a physical address where potential customers come to discuss business and do transactions. Thus, it is taken for granted that every business needs a physical address and questions such as "do you need a physical address for your business?" almost did not exists. But all that is changing in recent years. Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to have business all over the world without having a single office site.


The Internet has made it possible to completely conduct business transactions online without any need to meet physically. Most entrepreneurs now prefer to do business from the comfort of their home and it works for them perfectly. Nevertheless, if you are thinking about growing your business beyond the present level, the question of whether you need a physical address for your business or not must have crossed your mind at some point. You are not alone, a lot of entrepreneurs, start-up owners, and freelancers are also wondering the same thing.

The short answer is: Yes.

Having a physical address is important if you wish to grow your business further. Every serious business owner needs a physical address for his business. There are so many reasons why you need a physical address. Some of these reasons include:

Professional Brand Image

When you want to build a professional brand image, you cannot use your home address or parent's garage as your address. A physical address gives your business a more polished, professional image. It will help your potential clients to take you more seriously.

Trust and Credibility

There are tons of clients who would avoid doing business with you if you cannot provide them with your office address or PO Box Number. With so many online scams, some clients are probably concerned that you might disappear without a trace. Thus, a typical client would want to know where to find you. No doubt, having a physical address will boost your credibility.

A Place To Meet Client

There are not a lot of clients willing to meet you in your home or in a restaurant. When, for instance, a big investor wants to invest in your business, he probably needs to sit down with you in your office to discuss business. You certainly need a physical address if your business requires a lot of client meetings.

Top Ways To Get Physical Address For Your Business

Virtual Office Space

Virtual Office Space is one of the most popular ways to get a physical address that clients can trust. If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur who just wants a physical address to boost your public image, then we will recommend this option. There are companies in London that can provide you with a company legal address for your business. Some companies also provide additional services such as receptionist service, mailbox service, as well as office space you can rent for meetings.

Coworking Space

This is another great option. With this option, you will have a more professional mailing address. You can always use this location for your business meeting. Most coworking spaces come with special utilities such as Wi-Fi and even a receptionist service. You just have to pay a small monthly rent to use a coworking space.

Final Word

Getting a physical address for your business is highly recommended if you hope to grow your business and give your brand a professional image. Fortunately, there are top companies in London such as Capital Office that provides a company legal address you can use for your business just for a small monthly fee. We highly recommend using this option when you need a physical address for your online business. 

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