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6 Useful Tips to Stay Active Throughout the Day

6 Useful Tips to Stay Active Throughout the Day

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Description We’re living a paradox in today’s world. On one hand, we could easily make the planet fit into our palm what with all the social networking blog sites like TechDailyJournal that keep popping up every single day and crowding the cyberspace. But on the other hand, we can’t spare a moment to drop by at our next-door neighbors with a ‘Hello’, or go visit our old aunt who lives just a couple of blocks away.

And why is that? It’s the all-too-familiar ‘B’ word. We’re busy. Every one of us. From the BMW-driving tycoon down to the person of the most humble means out there, each of us is ‘busy’ in our own ways. For most middle-class citizens, a huge portion of the day is spent sitting at a desk, eyes fixed on the computer screen before them. Sitting at a stretch for 9 hours or more is sure to bestow one with the gifts of back-ache, stiffness of the neck, eye power increase.

But fret not, there’s more than one awesome way to beat the stress and stay up fresh and energetic all day (and sometimes night). Sample this list below:

1. Do Yoga: Be an early riser so that you get enough time to fit in a yoga schedule or two. A good hour of yoga involving pranayama and anulom-vilom will do its bit to insulate you against fatigue accumulation throughout the day.

2. Fresh Fruits and Veggies: Stop yourself from nibbling into a tasty burger or yummy sandwich as an evening snack. Instead, shift your focus on fresh fruits, Apples, pears, papayas etc. are some of the healthiest fruits out there; plus including a fruit smoothie (preferably citrus fruit) in your in your breakfast would help you maintain rich reserve of vitamin C in your body.

3. Go for Short Walks: Take short breaks from work throughout the day. This sounds definitely easier than done, but try not to sit at a desk for more than 2 hours at a stretch.

4. Drink Lots of Water: Keep your body hydrated by drinking at least one bottle of water throughout the day. Water is a vital fuel to keep your body’s mechanisms running smoothly throughout the day.

5. Take Six Hours of Nap, or short power naps throughout the day.

6. If you’re a student and reeling under the pressure of schoolwork, then write for us in your free time.
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