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Onion in a dream

Onion in a dream

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 Onion in a dream Mohammed bin Sirin Onions:

Some of them hated it because of the Almighty’s saying: “And onions.” And some of them said: It indicates the appearance of hidden things, as well as all other fragrant legumes, and some of them said that it is money, and peeling Onion in a dream indicates flattery to a man, and garlic: ugly praise, and it was said that it is forbidden money.

And eating it cooked indicates repentance from a disobedience.

It was narrated that a man came to Abu Hurayrah and said:

I saw the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, sitting in the mosque, and people entering to greet him, so I came to enter him, and there were men with whips, and they prevented me from entering, he said, “Let me until I enter.” They said that you ate garlic and they expelled me.

Abu Huraira said: This is evil money that I ate Onions are in a dream an evil evidence for those who eat them,

so whoever sees that he ate an onion and was sick, he will die, and green onions indicate a profit with effort, and a lot of it indicates the health of the body with sadness and separation, and if the patient eats a lot of onions in his sleep, he recovers from his illness.

And whoever dreams: Onions and does not eat from it, then it is good, and if he eats from it, it is evil. He felt: he peeled onions it Eetmlq a man, onion money, and shows the traveler on the health and safety of travel Miller Onion tafsir ahlam:

If you saw in a dream a quantity of onions according to ahlamtafsir.com then you will face envy and jealousy from others as a price for your success. And if you dream that you are eating onions, you will overcome all your opponents. 

If you see in your dream a field of green onions, then it means that you will find competition from others in the work, but you feel pleasure for that. As for seeing onions cooked in a dream, it means calm and reassurance, and that you will make small profits from your trade. If you dream that you are cutting onions and feel its pungent smell entering your eyes, this means that your competitors will win over you. Khalil bin Shaheen Al Dhaheri vision of onions  As for onions, it has two sides: Shams-ud-Din Kermani said: It is interpreted with forbidden money and ugly words, and if the owner of the vision is righteous, then it is interpreted with goodness and religion, and if it is not righteous, it indicates the collection of forbidden money.  And whoever dreams: that he eats it cooked, then the consequence of his affair will lead to repentance And some of them said that eating onions is interpreted in three ways:

forbidden money, backbiting, and regret And some of them said that the dream of onions is interpreted as an ugly scarce in his words of little religion, and it was said that onions indicate things that are hidden, and perhaps it was an objectionable matter because of the Almighty’s saying: “Do you exchange that which is lower for that which is better” and perhaps it was money. And a dream of peeling onions and garlic indicates flattery to a man, and it was said that it indicates a request for money by flattery, and if with that he is thankful, then he will achieve what he intended with fatigue and trouble, and if what is slandered, there is no good in it.

 As for the dream of a onion, it indicates a Bedouin man who praises him with an ugly nature.

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