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Description The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of NASA within the Milkyway@home project, develops an investigation led by Juan Carlos GarcĂ­a Hoyos, Ph.D. founder of the NASA group and creator of EXTRATERRANOVAS, the world's first virtualization system dedicated to research on Technofirmas. The NASA group Milkyway@home was created on May 22, 2011 with a total of 1.556 members counted at the beginning of 2021, with a total credit of 941,857,801, ranking 157th out of 111,156 groups in the world. The current goal of the NASA group is to lead the Milkyway@home list by early 2022 and become the most important research group on the entire BOINC platform. To achieve this goal, the NASA Milkyway@home group will increase its development in gaining greater computing power from current members and future subscribers. Based on this effort, it will be possible, among other functions, to deliver material to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, which will be used by members of the Scientific Visualization Study and the Conceptual Image Laboratory to create animations and videos showing the research. developed by the NASA team at Milkyway@home among all the accumulation of exhibitions developed by this laboratory. The goal of these visualizations is to bring knowledge to a very wide audience without sacrificing data accuracy, and also to provide information to the NASA research community. This initiative will allow users of the NASA Milkyway@home group to share with the world the results of their work and the enthusiasm it arouses. The research that the NASA group will develop in Milkyway@home, will be derived from the content linked to the cosmological simulations hosted in the SciServer system, a scientific platform built and supported by the Johns Hopkins University Institute of Engineering and Data Intensive Science . In addition to the activities that the NASA group has historically developed for the Milkyway@home project, the search for the techno-signature record within the Sagittarius stream and its surroundings will begin in 2021. To do this, it will mainly use the resources and methodologies offered by the NASA-Sloan Atlas system and which are linked to the SciServer scientific platform.
Created 22 May 2011
Web site http://milkywayhomenasa.wordpress.com
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