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What is the Culture in the Task of Translation?

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Description Many times we have heard the translation as if from an easy task, for people who know both languages, they were: "Solo is passing words from a language to another" or "you can do it anyone who knows languages", but not have ever stopped anyone to think what's behind a good translation services in Dallas TX or, in other words that text that gets the same effect in the culture of the game than at the arrival? Here is the word "culture". The Act of translating, is not only a simple change of words from one language to another, but that is an act so linguistically and culturally; for this reason, the translator must be a professional who understands both languages very well and their respective cultures. Is true that, as time goes on, we are more familiar with other languages and cultures, therefore translators, currently, they tend to opt for the transfer technique, i.e. trying to translate the cultural characteristics of the source language as little as possible to make them known to the reader; Although this does not mean, for nothing to diminish the importance of culture in translation, but quite the opposite. If we compare two series translated, at different times, to the Spanish as Punky Brewster (28 years ago) and rules of engagement (current) can find some differences in the way of translating. On Punky Brewster, the translator is guided more by the technique of familiarity, is approaching the game culture of arrival; on the other hand, in rules of engagement we see more features of the transfer technique. An example of this evolution in the way of translating can be found in peanut butter, a few years ago this product in Spain, was not known, so the translators chose to translate it for butter or lard; Today, but, due to globalization, we can find this product in any supermarket, so it is not necessary to find an equivalent in Spanish, but it can be translated literally. Another example clear that culture determines the translations can be found in the translation of the Bible. As explained the translation theorist Eugene Nida, the expression "Lamb of God" not could be translated literally in the Eskimo culture, since their culture or it exists or the symbolism of this animal is known, that was translated by its equivalent cultural "seal of God". And finally, yesterday, watching TV, saw the translation of a cocktail, in English it was a "sex on the beach" and in Spanish was translated as "a cocktail of vodka", not could have maintained its original name?, or is that its consumption is not yet common enough among Spaniards? If we follow poking around in good translations could find thousands of examples of evolution and the importance of culture in translation, since there are many languages with their respective cultures in the world and, as we have said before, each one different from the other.
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