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Giorgio ("It all started around 1985 when I had my first encouter with what they called a "Personal...")
Greg ("Electronics has been my main Interest since the early sixties. My first project was to...")
gigi2000 ("Join us, the best Polish team ever!! ")
G. Faw ("I am a retired homemaker, 65 yrs old. Live in the country. Married. Luv My Computer. Like...")
gsnin64 ("no thanks")
Giopro ("Hello, I'm from Milan, Italy and I'm joined with team BOINC.Italy. I like scientific...")
Gary Roberts ("Astronomy/Cosmology addict, always willing to look at another Astronomy/Physics related...")
Gregor ("Hi everyone! I'm just trying to do my bit for the community. :-) Join BOINC.BE :-) ...")
Game ("Potsdam (Brandenburg); DoB 05/26/1945; Instructor; flying; fishing; WoW ")
Gustavo Mazzarollo

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