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New Runs 11/21
Hey Everyone,

I just put up some new runs. Let me know if you see any issues.



21 Nov 2017, 22:45:55 UTC · Comment

Issues With Work Generation
Hey Everyone,

Just noticed some issues with the work unit generator. Working on it.



Was a quick fix. I'll keep an eye on things for the rest of the night.

1 Nov 2017, 19:39:57 UTC · Comment

Update on This Weeks Errors
Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to give you all a quick and more technical update on what we have been dealing with over the last week.

Our project has been running for upwards of 10 years now and we have been crunching literally billions of workunits over those years. As a result of all of your hard work and dedication, we have actually calculated enough results that we have run out of room to store the IDs of all of these results in a normal unsigned integer value (the default data type used for storing IDs in BOINC databases). As a result, on Tuesday night, I updated our database to be able to store IDs in a much larger data type to prevent this issue from happening again during the remaining life of the project. As a result, I also had to quickly patch the BOINC code we run on the server to allow it to use this newly available data type in the database.

During this process, I missed one of the foreign keys that refers to the results, specifically in the validation process. This led to an issue in validation of work units over the last couple days. I had trouble diagnosing this issue because before the workunit queue clear, everything was running fine however, after the workunit queue clear, when new work with large IDs was being returned, it silently failed to validate workunits.

I have implemented a fix for this last issue and my hope is that things will be smooth sailing from here on with regards to this issue. Of course, there is always the possibility I missed another bug in this pipeline, or I might realize I need to force validation on workunits received over the last couple days. In any case, I will be watching the server pretty closely over the next couple days to make sure its running correctly.

Sorry for all of the trouble over the last couple days and I hope you all continue to support the important research we are doing into the future.

21 Oct 2017, 18:11:25 UTC · Comment

Workunits Not Validating
Hey Everyone,

I see a lot of workunits aren't validating. I think I know why. I'm going to take the server down for an hour or two while I try to fix it.

Sorry, for all of the trouble recently.



I implemented a fix. I will monitor it for the rest of the weekend.

21 Oct 2017, 15:42:26 UTC · Comment

Clearing the Queue
Hey All,

We will have to clear the workunit queue for both separation and nbody. This will cause many invalid workunits. We apologize for this, as this is the only way to clear the system for it to return to normal operation.

Thanks for your continued support,
Jake and Sidd
18 Oct 2017, 19:21:21 UTC · Comment

Transitioner Down
Hey Everyone,

Looks like we are having some trouble with the transitioner. I'm working on getting it back up and running.



Everything looks like it's working now. Hopefully this shouldn't be an issue for another 100+ years given the changes I've made. I'll keep an eye on things for the rest of the day.

In other news, I've implemented an email notification system for the server daemons. If they go down in the future, we should know about it faster.

Thanks for sticking with us and sorry for the extended downtime.

17 Oct 2017, 18:42:56 UTC · Comment

nbody 1.66 release
Hey All,

I just released version 1.66 of Nbody. This version has a newer version of the likelihood comparison algorithm which is used when comparing our test histograms with the client-side simulations. With this update we are hoping to have much better convergence in our parameter searches.

As always, please let us know if there are any issues.
2 Oct 2017, 20:17:20 UTC · Comment

Bad Runs Over the Weekend
Hey Everyone,

Sorry about the errors over the weekend. I put up a set of runs that, while tested locally, still seemed to error on the server. The runs are now taken down and should filter out of the queue over the next 24 hours, going to look into it now.

Sorry again,

18 Sep 2017, 14:07:25 UTC · Comment

Server Maintenance
Hey All,

For some reason I am not getting any return results from the Nbody app. The validator went down over the weekend and caused a huge backlog in the queue. I think this may be the issue as we have had something similar before. I am going to cancel the workunits in the queue and let it refill. If you see anything strange in the next 24 hrs with nbody workunits this is the reason.

30 Jun 2017, 16:23:04 UTC · Comment

Bad Runs Put Up Over The Weekend
Hey Everyone,

You can expect to see invalid results and erros from any runs starting with ps_modfit* as they were a bad batch of runs. No more of these runs should be sent out as I have cancelled all workunits associated with these runs. I apologize for not catching this sooner.

26 Jun 2017, 15:36:04 UTC · Comment

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