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Server Maintanence
Hello Everyone,

We will be doing some server maintenance on Monday, July 25th to update to the newest version of Ubuntu. I apologize for any lack of work units during this time.

Thank you for your continued support,

22 Jul 2016, 12:36:35 UTC · Comment

New Look for the Science Page
Hello Crunchers,

I would like to announce a new look for our science page. In an attempt to bring the style of the science page more in line with that of the rest of the webpage, we did a visual overhaul of the page.

In addition to the visual reformatting, I did a lot of back-end reformatting of the page which should allow us to more easily edit it in the future. This is just the first step in our attempt to make the science page more interesting, complete and reader friendly. Look for a content update on the page to come in the new few weeks.

If you guys have anything you would like to see included on the page, or any general questions about the science we are doing with the project, feel free to post them here.

Happy Crunching,

21 Jul 2016, 19:11:15 UTC · Comment

No More Work From Modfit Project
Hello Crunchers,

We will no longer be sending work units out through the Modfit project. You will still receive work units tagged as Modfit, but they will not be coming from the official MilkyWay@home application.

Thank you for your patience during the transition.

11 Jul 2016, 18:50:20 UTC · Comment

MilkyWay@home Linux 32-bit Version 1.37
Hey everyone,

I recompiled the CPU version of the Linux 32-bit application as a static binary to resolve some library issues some users were encountering. If you guys see any problems with this application please post them here.

Happy Crunching,

1 Jul 2016, 15:08:29 UTC · Comment

Nbody Release 1.62
Hey All,

I just released a new version of nbody, v1.62. In this release we did a few things:

We realized that different platforms were giving slightly different results. This was a problem as it would throw off the search algorithm and also may cause validation issues. Turns out there were an number of reasons for this. One was that the likelihood calculation was performed using single precision on a double precision application. So we changed it to be a double precision calculation.

Also, and most prominently, we realized that the windows command prompt and unix terminal read in inputs with different precision. One would cut the value of after about the 10th decimal place. This mean the actual input parameters were slightly different! Therefore, we forced the rounding of the input parameters after the 9th decimal place. That seemed to do the trick mostly.

Finally, we realized that our building mechanism was not building linux binaries statically. When we tried with our current mechanism we ran into a can of worms known as seg faults. It was a nightmare trying to find it so we decided to temporarily switch our building mechanism. I tested them on all our computers and it seems to work. But, as always, let me know if something goes awry.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!
28 Jun 2016, 17:44:03 UTC · Comment

New Version of MW@home for Mac (1.37)
Hey Mac Users,

I just released a new version of MilkyWay@home Separation that will run much faster on Macs. (Expect about a factor of 7-8 speed up). If you guys see any issues with the new application post them here.

I only released this new application under the official project and not the Modfit project since we are slowly phasing out the Modfit project.

Enjoy the weekend,

24 Jun 2016, 19:07:49 UTC · Comment

Running Modfit on MilkyWay@home
Hello Crunchers,

Now that MilkyWay@home Separation Modfit has been running for a year as a stable application, we are going to be releasing it as the official MilkyWay@home application under our main project. This means we will slowly (over the next month) be phasing out the dedicated Modfit project as it will be redundant. Additionally, this means some extremely old systems may no longer be supported on the MilkyWay@home project. These include Windows 32-bit systems, and very old (CAL) GPUs. If you are noticing compatibility issues with your system after we begin the change next week please post them here.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Modfit is now up and running on the main application. If you are seeing any issues please let me know here.


For instructions on compiling 32-bit MilkyWay@home, please visit
17 Jun 2016, 17:38:34 UTC · Comment

Server Maintenance Concluded
Hey Everyone,

Thank you all for your patience over the last week. I can say server maintenance is now concluded. The BOINC libraries on the server are up to date, and we have the newest available version of Ubuntu running on the server. We added HTTPS to the website so we recommend using that while you browse to best protect your personal information. Finally, maybe with the updated BOINC server libraries, the server will recognize some of the newer GPUs that support double precision (Not entirely sure about this point though).

Thank you everyone for your patience and happy crunching,

Jake W.
2 Jun 2016, 18:41:13 UTC · Comment

Server Maintanence
Hey Everyone,

We will be doing some server maintenance over the next day or two. This should not effect work unit generation, but the website may run slow or be down for short periods of time. Feel free to report any issues you notice by replying to this post.

We plan on rolling out HTTPS support for the site (I know we are a bit behind the times on this) and updating all of the BOINC libraries on the server (so maybe expanded GPU support) over the next couple days.

As usual with updates, we expect things to be a bit bumpy for the next couple days, please bear with us while we work through everything.

Thanks for your continued support.

Jake W.
24 May 2016, 15:14:01 UTC · Comment

Nbody Release 1.60
Hey All,

I just released a new version of Nbody, 1.60. In this version we completely changed the cost function. This is a function that is used in the histogram comparison algorithm. We discovered that the old cost function, which was supposed to allow us to retain the mass data in the normalized histograms, did not account properly for the amount of mass.

This was not a bug, but rather a change in the science behind the algorithm. We would not have rethought the algorithm without the results from MW@H.

As always, if there is any problem, let me know.

Thank you all,
14 Apr 2016, 20:39:34 UTC · Comment

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