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Windows Users-please abort Nbody tasks
Per Project Scientist Sidd:

It seems that it is only occurring for people with windows. The other platforms seem to be running ok. We had some trouble getting the binaries for windows in order to release, I am thinking something went wrong there, as none of the windows runs are passing. I took down the Windows version for now until I figure it all out.

If you are a Windows user please abort all N-body tasks and go into Preferences and uncheck "MilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation" for now.

Thank you. 15 May 2015, 22:56:45 UTC · Comment

New Nbody Version 1.50
Hey all,

We have released a new version of Nbody. There are a few changes in this version. First and foremost, we changed the way dark and light matter in our model dwarf galaxy is assigned. Previously, we would have all the particles have the same mass and assign a certain number as dark or light, depending on the parameters of the simulation. This required a large number of bodies in order to get a good likelihood calculation. Now, we will have the same number of dark and light matter particles, but change the mass per light and dark matter particle in accordance to the parameters. This will allow us to lower the number of bodies from 50k to 20k, allowing for a much faster initialization and simulation run time.

Secondly, we have moved the assignment of dark and light matter from lua to c, which should also provide significant speed up in the run time.

Also, we fixed a number of bugs we found in the velocity assignment. All in all, a simulation should run at a fraction of the time previously. This will also hopefully fix the stalling issue some people have been having.

Finally, if you have any runs from the previously version, you can go ahead and abort them.

Since this is a new way of doing things, there may be some unforeseen issues. So, if there are any bugs let us know!
12 May 2015, 23:31:44 UTC · Comment

New Nbody release tomorrow
Hey All,

I just wanted to let you know that we will be releasing a version of Nbody tomorrow. I will be more specific on the changes that have been made after releasing. However, this version should hopefully be much faster and fix some other bugs.
4 May 2015, 23:21:33 UTC · Comment

New Bitcoin Utopia Campaign
Hey All,

Bitcoin Utopia is holding another fundraising campaign for MilkyWay@home! Check it out:
24 Apr 2015, 18:00:22 UTC · Comment

MilkyWay@home Server Maintenance
Hey Everyone,

I will be running some simple updates and giving the server a quick reboot later today. Shouldn't cause any issues on you end, but if it does please let me know.

Jake W.
25 Mar 2015, 13:44:30 UTC · Comment

New Nbody version 1.48
Hey All,

I have released a new version of Nbody. This version corrects some bugs in the algorithm. Also, we performed some optimization on the initialization code which allows it to run much faster. We will be looking to change the time estimate to fully account for this initialization in the future. As always, thank you for your patience.

13 Feb 2015, 22:03:59 UTC · Comment

New Nbody version 1.46
Hey Everyone,

There is now a new version of Nbody, 1.46. This version calculates the initial Dwarf galaxy using a different method than previously. It should solve many of the work unit stalling issues some users were having. If there are any errors let us know.

The runs currently up are:
19 Dec 2014, 19:24:07 UTC · Comment

New Nbody
Hey Everyone,

We will be releasing a new Nbody application this week. This version of the application utilizes a different method of initializing the bodies, sampling a distribution function instead of a potential. This version will hopefully resolve issues many of you have been having.
16 Dec 2014, 20:51:55 UTC · Comment

New Modfit Runs
Hey Everyone,

Just a heads up, I will be starting new runs over the next couple days that will have a different step size in a computationally intensive section of our code. Through some work we did, we found that this step size could be optimized and reduced to improve the speed at which our code runs without sacrificing accuracy. We expect to see these runs complete in about 1/5th the time depending on the platform. Credits will hopefully still be calculated correctly, but if you think they are not for these runs please post here. If these runs cause you any trouble with these runs or you notice you stop receiving work units please post that here too. These runs will all include the tag _fast_ in the work unit name so it should be easy to track.

For now, these optimizations will only be used on the Modfit code, but in the near future we plan on also using them on original separation code, too.

If you have any questions about this optimization or problems, please let me know,

9 Dec 2014, 21:36:18 UTC · Comment

New Separation Runs
Here are the runs I started if these give you any errors please post here:



Thank you,

Jeff Thompson
7 Nov 2014, 19:07:05 UTC · Comment

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