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I work as a helpdesk person for a state government in the Eastern US. I am in my early 40s. I love to walk around my city. I have three kids so far


New nbody runs July 2
Hey All,

I just put up some new nbody runs. They will be the first to run off the new version (v170). I waited some time to put these up so the queue would clear out of the old workunits.

Please let me know if anyone encounters any issues with these runs.

As always, thank you for you continuing support,
2 Jul 2018, 16:54:17 UTC · Comment

Nbody 1.70 release
Hey All,

I just released a new version of Nbody, v1.70. There were very minor but necessary changes. I am hoping the transition goes smoothly.

As always, please let us know if there are any issues.

Thank you for your continuing support,
27 Jun 2018, 18:01:31 UTC · Comment

New Separation Runs 7 May
Hey Everyone,

I just put up a bunch of new runs named:


where XX goes from 09 to 23.

Let me know if you see any issues with these runs here.

Thanks everyone,

7 May 2018, 20:36:39 UTC · Comment

Improved Database Stability
Hey Everyone,

I made some more configuration updates to improve database stability. If you notice any database errors, please post about them here.

16 Apr 2018, 19:21:10 UTC · Comment

New Runs
Hey Everyone,

I just put up 14 new runs. These are de_modfit_XX_bundle5_NoContraintsWithDisk_1 where XX runs from 09 to 23. Each of these is using a different parameter and star file so its very possible that there was some human error on my part putting them up. They were all tested beforehand but if you see any issues, please let me know with the name of the run that's giving you trouble.

Some of these runs have some extra calculations due to the run requirements so their runtimes will vary slightly. The credits should scale accordingly.

2 Apr 2018, 15:59:07 UTC · Comment

Scheduled Server Maintenance 3/27
Hey everyone,

We are going to do a quick hardware upgrade for the server. We will be down for the next hour or so. Sorry for the inconvenience.



This down period is concluded. We couldn't finish the upgrade due to a bad CPU slot on the motherboard. We are going to defer server upgrades for a while until we decide if it is worth it to replace the motherboard.

Thank you all for your patience,

27 Mar 2018, 18:02:24 UTC · Comment

Testing Some New Plan Classes
Hey Everyone,

I am going to try changing the GPU plan classes to reduce workunits sent to users without double precision gpus. If you notice any issues on your end, please let me know.


8 Mar 2018, 18:06:30 UTC · Comment

Removing Hosts With High Error Counts
Hey Everyone,

I am going to be issuing suspensions to 8 hosts with extremely high error counts (over 1000 in their recent history). If you own one of these hosts and are unhappy with the suspension, please message me and we can discuss removing the suspension.

This is a temporary solution until I can implement a more automated suspension system with occasional retesting of hosts to see if they have been fixed.

Any discussion about how to best implement an automated algorithm can go here and I will attempt to keep up.



I added a feature to determine if one of your hosts is suspended at a quick glance. Any of your suspended hosts will show up highlighted in red on the "computers on this account" page in your account information page. These hosts will not show up as red to anyone else and only you will know if you are suspended.
7 Mar 2018, 19:55:44 UTC · Comment

Reverting Change to Remove Unreliable Hosts
Hey Everyone,

I am going to be reverting the change to use the built in BOINC use reliable hosts option. It seems to be having unintended consequences to the usability of the project for some users.

In the future, Sidd and I will look into manually removing the worst offenders who are sending back erroring workunits.

For anyone effected, I apologize if you haven't been able to crunch for us recently.

5 Mar 2018, 20:15:32 UTC · Comment

Scheduled Server Maintenance 3/5
Hey everyone,

We will be temporarily taking the server offline today (3/5) at 1pm to do some further hardware upgrades. This time we are adding a second CPU to the server allow more simultaneous connections.

This maintenance period will likely take longer than the last one as CPUs take longer to install and test.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Server maintenance is concluded for today. We ended up not being able to complete the upgrade, so we are postponing it for a a week or so.
5 Mar 2018, 15:18:32 UTC · Comment

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