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Rotating Database Logs
Hey all,

Were rotating some logs tonight. If you notice anything strange going on with the forums or with lack of getting work units, please let us know here.

Thank you,

Jake W.
29 Sep 2014, 23:12:31 UTC · Comment

New Nbody version
Hey all,

I put out a new version of Nbody, version 1.44. This should fix some library issues people were having. If any issues arise, let me know.

24 Sep 2014, 18:00:27 UTC · Comment

back up and running
Looks like everything is back up and running. Let me know if there are any issues! 23 Sep 2014, 20:34:21 UTC · Comment

Updating BOINC server code
Some updates were made to the applications which broke our feeder. We need to update and recompile the BOINC server code, and I'm working on this right now. I hope to have things fixed by the end of the night. Sorry for everything being broken!

23 Sep 2014, 19:51:33 UTC · Comment

New Version of Separation Modfit 1.34
Hey all,

I just released a new version of separation today that is compiled against older glibc versions. The actual version number is 2.11 for glibc. This is the oldest that Ubuntu currently has on an active LTS. Users who experience errors due to the fact that their glibc versions are older than this should send me a message and I will give them instructions on how to compile the program for their own machines using their version of glibc. Otherwise, I changed the plan class we are using for our GPU versions to enforce a minimum OpenCL version. This will keep CAL cards from getting GPU work units from the server and reduce error rates and thus validation issues.

Sorry for the wall of text but essentially we have an older glibc and a new method for sending out GPU work units.

If there are any issues with this release please post them here and I will try to get back to you quickly.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Jake W.
22 Sep 2014, 20:04:58 UTC · Comment

New Version of Separation Modified Fit (1.32)
Hello All,

We are happy to announce a new version of the Separation Modified Fit application. Version 1.32 will introduce a few new features including:

New Optimization Parameters
Support for Windows 32-bit
A Few Bug Fixes

Along with this release I would like to mention that I also started a couple of new runs:


As per usual, if you notice any issues relating to these runs or this release version, please post them here and I will be glad to help.

Thank you for your continued support,
Jake W.
8 Sep 2014, 20:58:14 UTC · Comment

T-shirt Update
Dear Volunteers,

Thank you all for your support of MilkyWay@home. Whether you have supported us through lending us your computational power, aided us financially, or both, we could not have done it without you!

Thanks to our generous donors, we have surpassed $23k, over half of our goal! If you have not donated and wish to do so, I have good news. We will now be sending out T-shirts until December 1st. As before, if you donate $100 or more you are eligible to receive a T-shirt sent to any address in the world. Sizes available are adult Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, or XXXLarge. See our Fundraising Page for more details about the T-shirts:

For details on how to donate:

Again, thank you all for your generous support,
21 Aug 2014, 16:26:37 UTC · Comment

N-Body Release 1.42
Dear users,

N-Body will be released at 4 pm EST today. Features of this release include an improved dwarf galaxy model and new data representation features. Post here with issues.

As this is likely my last release on this project (due to my move to England for graduate school), I would like to thank all of you for helping me do great science during my time affiliated with Dr. Newberg's group. I will still be active in the community, but I am proud to hand my role in the project off to Sidd. I look forward to a continued relationship with the BOINC community in the future.

Jake Bauer
5 Aug 2014, 17:02:45 UTC · Comment

New Separation Runs
I am working my way through the data for the South Galactic Cap and am posting new runs.
If you see large error rates let me know I will be watching them as they start to catch anything major.


Thanks Jeff
29 Jul 2014, 16:21:05 UTC · Comment

Milkyway/Bitcoin Utopia Update

Another Boinc project has come aboard to help us fundraise for Milkyway.

Bitcoin Utopia has agreed to team up with us on fundraising for Milkyway's future. To take part in this type of assistance for our project, please go to their site and follow their procedures.

Their program for Milkyway is Campaign #3.

We truly appreciate their support!

Disclaimer: The Milkyway project staff, students and moderators are not responsible for any issues your computer may have with their WU's. Please follow their recommendations for optimal results (credits are pretty nice too!). Any concerns or questions over how their project raises funds should be posted on their website for their admins to assist.

The Admins of Bitcoin Utopia are fantastic people and my experience shows they will do whatever they can to assist you.

Also remember Bitcoin Mining is not a quick process so the Bitcoin Utopia folks and us want to remind you to still donate in the more direct manner if you wish to.

Any support is appreciated tremendously!
19 Jul 2014, 21:33:31 UTC · Comment

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